Monday, March 21, 2011

The Dreaded Phone Call

Every other weekend (more if I have plans) I pack my son up and send him off to his fathers. When we first started this, I hated it. I would crumple to the floor and sob my heart out cause Jakes was gone. What was I going to do with myself for the entire weekend? Then Neicy and I started planning and doing things on my weekends without Jakes and I would look forward to my time away from him.

There was always the thought in the back of my head, what happens if he gets hurt or sick at his dads’? I KNOW his father can’t handle him as well as I can. No one can do that. But 5 years have gone by, I practically push the kid out the door when I see his father turn onto the street, and I have stopped worrying as much about there being a medical problem.

Until this weekend. On Saturday, I left my phone in the house while I changed the laundry and when I came back, there was a missed call, a voicemail AND a text. All from A/H. Well, crap. This can’t be good. There is a restraining order in place that we are not supposed to communicate other than email, about the kid, except in an emergency. And this was such a case.

Jakes was in the ER in MD near his dad’s house, TWO STATES AWAY. He’d had a seizure but was fine. A/H needed the insurance information because he couldn’t find it in Jakes overnight bag. Idiot! And I don’t give a RATS ASS about the insurance information, I want to know what’s going on with my Son.

I had to be nice to A/H. Tell me THAT didn’t bite the big one. I called back and gave him the information he needed, while getting the address for the hospital so I could fly down there.

I called the g-parents and Neicy, then hit the road. Stopped by to grab Neicy. Then got stuck in traffic. Can’t people in Delaware PLEASE learn how to drive over the Churchman’s Marsh so there isn’t a traffic jam through there? I mean, COME ON People! It’s a FIVE lane highway! Plenty of room to MOVE IT.

Jakes and A/H were discharged before I got there so I had to go to A/H’s apartment to see Jakes. (shudder!) But there is NO way I would have been able to rest without seeing my baby and hugging him close.

Jakes was Fine, they did all kinds of tests and found nothing wrong. He wanted to finish out his weekend with his dad and I let him. They think it was the ADHD medication. He has been on 2 and he didn’t like the one so he stopped taking it. I told him he had to take that one but he stopped and I didn’t know it for sure. We have an appointment with the Pedi Dr tomorrow afternoon and I will be asking for a referral to a Pedi Neurologist for a follow up just to be sure.

Funny things about the visit: the girlfriend HID in the bedroom while I was there. Is she afraid of me? Why doesn’t A/H want me to meet her? I mean, I would have been nice and even thanked her for taking care of my child in his time of need while his father was working. I probably would have offered my cell phone number to her in case she wasn’t able to get in touch with A/H in an emergency. IDIOT.

Jakes loved that his father and I were being nice to each other. I was not nice. Just polite. I talked with Jakes and Neicy, the only things I said to A/H was to ask about the ER visit. I wanted as much info for when I talked to the Dr on Monday.

Jakes is still working on his dad to be allowed to stay there for the summer. He was especially pleased that “Now you know where Dad lives for when you come to get me during the summer!” Right kid, jut what I wanted to know. I wanted to tell him that his father was having a temper tantrum and we weren’t talking about the transportation stuff anymore. But I didn’t.

The bottom line is, Jakes is fine. And I know that in an emergency, I can work with A/H to get through the crisis. 

Shopping after a crisis is good therapy!  Neicy and I stopped at the Mall on our way home.  I mean, we had to go right past anyway!


  1. yikes...ok glad he was alright...and glad you got some retail therapy...smiles

  2. As you said, the silver lining is that the two of you can set it all aside when it comes down to an emergency situation. I'm glad he was ok though.

  3. Glad Jakes was ok.And shopping is a great way to unwind! Blessings jane

  4. Ugh. so glad he's okay and that you know you can work together in his best interests if you HAVE to.

    Hopefully THAT doesn't happen again, though.


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