Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Am Only Capable of Short and Not So Sweet Thoughts………………..


Ok so I went an entire WEEK without posting. I’d like to say its cause I am living my life and am just too busy to record it, but truth is, I’ve spent too much time on my butt on the couch. I can’t stop being tired and miserable. I’m so miserable, I hate to be in my own head.

Moving on with the Randomness…………………..

Since last summer, ESM and Kathy have been on the lookout for a Bike Trainer at yard sales. I had just about given up when Jakes and I spotted one. We weren’t looking at yard sales but happened past this one when Jakes yelled “THEY HAVE A BIKE THINGY!!” We turned around and so I now have a bike trainer. I used it one day and now I have a flat tire that won’t hold air.

I feel like the universe is against me training for the Bike to the Bay in Delaware this year. I had decided that if JF would take Jakes for the summer, I would have lots of time to train. When that fell through, I was disappointed for many reasons but no biggy. I got the bike trainer and decided I would train in the house or on the front porch when the weather was better or actually out on the road as I could. But with the trainer I would be able to get my miles in.

Now I have a flat tire. Is the universe out to stop me from training for Bike to the Bay? A less blockheaded person would probably say, yes, but this is me we’re talking about here. I’m going to get the tire fixed and see what else the universe throws my way. I got my glove on, ok!

I flirted with danger and lost this past weekend. I took Jakes off his Concerta for the weekend just to see if there was a difference in him. Not much of one. He was still defiant and disobedient but he wasn’t as hostile and miserable. It was a rough weekend. On a good note, when I put him back on it for school, he seems to be calm without the miserable side effects, etc. Let’s see how long it lasts. And I will talk with the Dr about it next week.

Ok, I’m over the random short and not so sweet thoughts. But if you are craving more, head over to Keely's! Plenty more over there!


  1. yikes, careful messing withe meds...glad it turned out good...

    get that tire fixed....

    ugh sorry you are so tired...been a long week here as well...

  2. Get that tired fixed and get those endorphins pumping! Yes, this is from me who just blogged about everything I hate today. Worse. Life coach. Ever.

  3. I am afraid of bikes.
    I say it is ok to experiment a little. A good doc would ok this in order to fine a good balance for him.

  4. I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. I've been having a few of those weeks too lately.

    Here's hoping that both of our weeks head toward improving!


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