Tuesday, March 8, 2011



Thank you to all who commented on my last Frustrating post.  I appreciate your support and thought provoking questions.  I am working on finding the answers. 

I suck at meditation.  But there is a great website that I am using to teach myself again.

I met with a friend for lunch today and she asked when we are going for our next GNO.  Quickly I went over everything I have going on in my life for the next month and a half and its CRAZY!  Good crazy but crazy just the same.  Don't worry, Janet!  We'll get another couple of Rita's in SOON!

I turned Tweets to my Phone off for most of the peeps I follow and while I miss seeing what they are up to instantly, I don't miss the phone blowing up all day long.  Sorry, friends!  I will catch up at the end of the day!  My direct messages and mentions still come to my phone right away.

Jakes announced at therapy last night that he wants to try the medicine.  He is 12 and deserves to have some say in what the treatment is for his disabilities.  So, we're trying it.  Today was the first dose and I can't wait to hear from him after school to see how it went.

Seeing the word "dose" makes me laugh.  His father can't spell to save his -----  well, he can't spell.  So whenever he sends me an email he has "dose" where I think he actually means "does".  See?  Stupid.

I am VERY glad that I have unlimited minutes for my cell phone and that calling AZ isn't considered long distance!  HOURS spent chatting makes for a nice way to pass the evening.  Is it May yet?

On another note, can anyone make AZ follow Day Light Savings?  After this weekend, instead of being 2 hours behind, they will be 3.  And I don't think I can stay up that late.  I'll get things started with a petition.  Ya'll sign it with me, right?

I am going to change what I call A/H.  Supposedly if I can call him by his name (HA!) or refer to him as Jakes Father (JF) rather than a bad name, I won't be as angry at him (HA!).  So from now on, JF = A/H.  Unless of course he dose (see, annoying!) something stupid.  Then I will just have to call him A/H.

I bought oil for my bike chain yesterday!  This means that spring is coming!!  Woot!

Ok. I have to go pee (TMI!) and get to writing an actual grant.  Its one I am going to have fun with.  Party planning for a Women's Conference!

Go over and see the Un Mom for more random-craziness!  Its all the Economy's fault!


  1. If I had tweets on my phone, I would go absolutely insane. I don't blame you for turning those off!

    I never really think about the fact that some areas don't do the DST time switch. I'm so used to doing it wherever I have lived.

  2. When I read GNO, my mind went off the radar for a second.

    I HATE the time change thing. It will be dark at 7am.

    How do you turn Tweets on your phone? I am going to an app...

  3. I turned the tweets off to my phone as well. Some folks tweet over 150 times a day. Bleh.

  4. thanks for the reminder on DST...dose, ok i can spell it...smiles...cool that he wants to try it....JF, lets see how long that lasts....smiles.

  5. It's great that you are letting your son decide about his meds.

  6. I am not successful at the twitter thing with the computer open. I'm pretty sure on my phone, I might throw it at someone.
    As for having to pee, for some reason that never seems like TMI to me. Probably because I'm one of those people who announces my bodily functions so freely. See, we're like kindred spirits!

  7. Oh no I could never have tweeting all the time!!

  8. Daylights saving is this weekend? WTH? Really, I was just finally getting used to the time change, now I have to start all over again...



    Is it summer yet???

  9. Good luck with the meditation. I'm not sure if I could ever do that. I'm not mature enough.

  10. Love the serendipitous nature of this "random" post, lol. I too have turned off the tweets from my phone. I'm like, seriously, Tweeples? You have to share with me that you just brushed your teeth and now are getting ready to have a soda?!

    Teehee ...


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