Sunday, February 27, 2011

Girls Night Out

It's been a rough week. Too much stress from Jakes and work and living life. Plus my friend Lori has been bugging Janet and I to get together for some girl time. So we did it. Lori and I got babysitters, Janet left her hubs at home playing games and we went out for margarities.

It was GREAT!

The place was packed but Lori got us a table within 15 minutes and she even ordered our rita's for us as Janet and I were pulling into the parking lot. How'd we get along without cell phones and text messaging?!?!

We spent the evening chatting about our kids, love lives or lack there of, beach trips, jobs and just about everything.

The food was yummy as it always is at this place. The rita's fabulous! And the service was prefect! The waiter was there when we needed him, absent when we didn't, kept the rita's flowing and never, ever rushed us. Even if we were taking up a table on a Friday night, the place was packed and he could have rushed us out but didn't. Even when he probably knew we were done, he still didn't rush us out. Of course we left a great tip for him.

After dinner, I hung out at Janet's for a while to sober up a bit so I could drive home from her house. Next time I will drive so Janet can drink if she wants.  Of course this morning, after spicy food and several rita's my insides are not to happy with me. Small price to pay.

And we will be doing this more often. We need this time to bond and relax and share. Ok girls, let's plan it!!!


  1. yes you do need that time...if i put on a dress and talk high...can i have a rita?

  2. Cheers!

    Good for you, taking that time is so very important to sanity.

  3. Yes you do need this time! All moms do! So glad you did!


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