Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Railroad Tracks and other Random Thoughts


Look!  Two posts in a Row!  Woot! 

Son got his braces today and my mind flashed back to all the names kids called me when I had mine.   
  • Brace-Face
  • train track mouth
  • metal mouth
Not saying any were creative or nice.  Now I get to endure the physical and emotional pain of having a teen brace face for the next two years!  In addition to everything else with him.

Jakes has been just fine since his little problem on Saturday.  I haven't been too worried about him either.  At least not until I talked with the nurse at the Drs office.  AM seemed very concerned.  She has been a pedi nurse for many years.  I mean she took care of me when I was in the hospital in 1986!  Plus she has raised 5 kids of her own.  She is FABULOUS.  But when she called me back and seemed so worried, I wondered if maybe I should be a little more worried about Jakes.  Maybe if I had watched him have the seizure or been at the hospital, I might be a little more rattled.  But we go to see the Dr today to talk about medications and seeing a Pedi Neurologist.

I have great plans for this weekend.  Neicy and I are going to a YUMMY place for South Jersey Restaurant week on Friday night.  On Saturday, Jaxon and I are going to North Jersey for a relaxing weekend with my BFF Kimber!  Should be lots of fun and WINE!

I took today off work so that I can take Jakes to all the appointments.  There was just no way that I could fit work into my schedule.  Bummer!

Daddy just stopped by to invite me to lunch with them.  Catcha later!  You guys should check out Keely's for more RTT


  1. Sorry your kid has to get a brace. But on the upside they look a lot better than they did when we were kids. Happy Random Tuesday!

  2. Brace technology has come so forward since I had them...

    Enjoy your lunch!

  3. have fun this weekend...heading to NYC myself...never had to have braces...

  4. I'm sure my kids are going to end up in braces. Hopefully they won't be as bad as what I had--the head gear,i.e. wire whiskers. We shall see.

  5. I remember braces, euck. i hated them. forgive my punctuation, chick is sleeping on my arm. too hard to reach the shift key one handed, lol.

  6. Princess Nagger is doomed to have braces when she gets older too - but like Kristine said, at least brace technology has come a lot farther than when we had them! :)

    Hopefully Jake's doctors will get his meds and whatever else figured out...poor thing!

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