Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Randomness

I completely blanked on Monday.  Where did it go?  I'm not asking for it back though!  Maybe it was all the Benadryl I took while cleaning Son's room.

Yes, I cleaned out Son's room.  We are getting new carpet this week and the entire house had to be packed so they could move the furniture out.  Son was told and told and told to get his room cleaned before he went to his fathers for the week.  He was told and told and told that if Mom had to do it, everything was getting thrown away.  Well, he packed up his Legos and Hess trucks and that was all.  So everything else is going, going, gone!  I did toss lots of stuff.  I gave away lots of toys.  And some of the stuff I am keeping for ransom rewards.

Last week we said good-bye to the BA and on the 5th we say good-bye to Albert. I'm going to miss him.  I'm confident we are ready to function without Albert.  I have other supports ready to go into place when we are discharged from the family stabilization program.  And I still have the phone numbers to get signed up again if we have trouble again.

I would be enjoying my Jakes free week, except that my allergies have been kicking big time from cleaning his room.  That's done so now I just have to get my allergies under control and enjoy the rest of the week!

Tomorrow is our visit with the pediatric neurologist to follow up from when Jakes had the seizure.  Everything is going to be fine.  He just had a reaction to the ADHD medication and since we've taken him off the stimulant ones, he's been fine.

Jakes has to have tubes put back in his ears.  Just the past March, he had one of them removed cause it was causing an infection.  But without the tubes in his ears, fluid stays in his ears and he can't hear.  He also is more prone to infections.  And with swimming season coming up, I don't want him to have to stay out of the pool or spend the summer on antibiotics.  So at the end of July, he's getting tubes again.

This weekend, I'm packing the dog up and going to Kimbers!  We are going to the spa, dancing and possibly getting another tattoo!  There will be laughter, fun and gossip!  I can't wait!  Jaxon is excited to go see his girlfriend Layla at Kimbers house too.

I am working on a story and I just can't get it right.  I keep trying, get frustrated, move on and then come back to it.  I have a clear outline of where I want it to go in my mind but I can't get it from there to the keyboard without my fingers messing it up.  I'm taking a break from it for a week or so.  I'll look at it again after my relaxing weekend at Kimbers and see if that changes my perspective on things.

That's the randomness in my world.  How's things with you?


  1. ugh on the allergies...and you will do fine...glad you know the supports are there when you need them...

  2. You forgot girls day at the Shore Thursday, LOL. Can't wait looks like it's going to be a beautiful day

  3. randomly gross

    but im not here to harsh your mellow nest

    mostly just to say heyyyyyyyy ; )

  4. I hope the transition goes well as you leave the program, and enjoy this week for all its worth. Your weekend sounds like it's going to be a blast!

  5. Glad you have the supports in place. Sorry about the allergies...hope they are better now. Tattoo? Hmmmmm, whatcha gonna get this time?


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