Monday, May 12, 2014

The Garden Update

I spent Mothers Day weekend working on my finishing my garden.  A couple of weekends ago I got three pallets and started filling them with dirt.

The pallets were free. Score!
I found a place in the township with free mulch and dirt to fill in the pallets and the bed around them.

The view from above.
All mulched and filled with dirt.
The one on the right has different squashes

I had started Green Beans and Peas in pots on my deck.  I transplanted them into the pallet on the left.

The pallet in the middle is going to be for herbs. I  have to decide what herbs and if they will be seeds or plants.

Here is my current herb garden.  All of the plants in here are volunteers left over from last year.  I'm going to be harvesting the oregano in a week or so!  YUM!

I planted tomatoes and peppers in pots that will stay on my deck.

Come on summer!  I can't wait for fresh veggies with dinner!


  1. nice...your pallet garden is cool...and nice on finding the free mulch as well....will have to watch and see how it grows....

  2. Such a great idea Amy . Gardening is such a treat.


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