Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weekend Filler Tomatoes

I have tomatoes.  LOTS of Tomatoes.  And Lots More coming!

Son is offically at his Dad's for the next NINE days!
I almost feel guilty for how happy I am to be on my own.  Almost.
Happy Saturday!


  1. make the most of that time! i think i would start with tomato sandwiches...smiles.

  2. Dang - home grown tomatoes. Wish I was your neighbor, I'd help ya eat some of 'em ... LOVE fresh picked, vine-ripened tomatoes - ENJOY!

  3. Screw tomato sandwiches... BLTs! With avocado. Wow, those are some purty tomatoes. Have fun on your extended time alone, and don't feel guilty. I would too, so I hear you, but don't. You need to "replenish your supply of energy and take care of you" or something Oprah-y like that.


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