Monday, July 19, 2010

Always Forgive You Enemies – Nothing Annoys Them So Much – Oscar Wilde

According to Japanese legend, two monks were walking down the road when they saw a finely dressed young woman standing before large mud puddle. She explained that she had no way of crossing the water without ruining her clothes. Without saying a word, the first monk picked her up in his arms and lifted her safely across the obstacle.

A few hours later the second monk said in an accusatory tone, “How could you have picked up that lady? Don’t you know that the rules strictly forbid us to touch a member of the opposite sex?” His friend smiled and the replied, “I put the woman down back at the puddle. Are you still carrying her?”

This was in my email box when I came back from vacation. What a wake up call to me! I finally did my homework while I was on vacation and to come back to find this waiting for me, was a huge OMG moment. After detailing my resentments and hatred as per my homework assignment, I know what I am dealing with and just have to figure out put them away and move on with my life.

Like the second monk, many of us are still carrying old hurt, resentments, and lost opportunities that we picked up many mud puddles ago. As long as we remain stuck in the past, we cannot fully hear the inner voice, which speaks to us in the present. Thus, in order to tap our intuition, we need to release and heal our unfinished business.

By following the example of the first monk, we can put the past down and walk on. See your past experiences as teaching that have guided you to this present moment. An endless array of opportunities and possibilities lie before you. Immerse yourself in this good, and the old hurts will have no place left to make their home.

There are SO many signs pointing and directing me to put the past in the past and to live in the present. I am tired of carrying the past. I have a great present; a great child, home, family and friends, as well as a good job to support myself and my great child.

I have the opportunity to have a wonderful future, with my child, my family and friends, with my career, and most importantly with that someone special who is waiting out there for me to get my head out of my, well never mind where.

Even if I have to read this post EVERY day, EVERY hour, I am going to start living for ME (and Son!), in the present. From this moment on.


  1. smiles. ther is great wisdom in that tale...and i am glad you are choosing to follow it...i am also gla dyou did your homework. lol.

  2. powerful little tale there... and message too. love them both.

  3. It's super hard to let it go, but I know in my life, it's made a HUGE difference when I was able to do it. Feels great!

  4. Seriously what a great outlook to have! I sure need to put my "woman" back down.

  5. I need to read this every day!!!!!

  6. Some days I just have to "let go" all over again. The important thing is to be aware that we need to let go and to keep doing it.

    Nice post!


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