Friday, July 16, 2010

Farmers Market - Jersey Fresh

BFF Neicy and I work about 3 buildings apart.  Its great!  We get to share breaks, go for walks or visit each other in case of inclement weather.  Just a quick skip down the street.

May thru September, the City puts on a Farmers Market.  On Thursdays, Neicy and I push back our break so we can pursue the Farmers Market.  They have lots of good stuff.  Fresh Veggies, local BBQ-ers, non-profits hanging out, and even the old fashioned Cryers Bell.  The Bell is rung at the beginning of each Market Day and up until a couple of years ago, the City even had its own Town Cryer.

Yes, its all Jersey Fresh Veggies.  Grown locally and very yummy!

The local hospital's staff checking BP's and other stuff.

There is usually a band hanging here.

So, among the vendors is my FAVORITE!  Water Ice.  Neicy and I stop by his booth for a yummy taste.  While he was scooping our yummy-ness he was telling us about another event he will at this weekend.  I might have to take Son to it since its pretty local and my Step-Mother was instrumental in organizing it.  That's another blog post!

Neicy with her Mango Water Ice.  YUMMY!

And me with my Cherry.  It was yummy too! 

We ate our Ices and wandered the Market.  I can't wait for next week!  He has BLUE water ice!


  1. mmm...water ice...sounds perfect to break the heat of a walk...and we love going to the farmers market!

  2. We have Farmers Markets every week, and quite often, along the road-side, you come across a little stall with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, all manner of fruit and vegetables....along with an Honesty Box!
    You can even buy milk, honey, and home-made bread, but, everyone knows everyone else around here, and we would never dream of just taking these goodies, so we always leave the money.
    Being busy Farmers at this time of year, and especially in these climes, there is often no one to spare to sit at stalls all day, so these little stalls are a fantastic boost to the locals and passer-bys.

  3. Cherry! I want cherry! I want to eat it until it looks like my tongue has a sunburn! Oh wow, you've given me such a craving for one of those things.


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