Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Open to Love

Opening Myself To Love

Another email waiting for me when I got back from vacation was titled “Opening Ourselves to Love”. WOW. Another one that hit home. Was Fate that intent on hitting me over the head about my life? Kinda, but I guess that Fate didn’t know I was on vacation that week!

(Actually, had I gotten this one WHILE I was on vacation, I know I would have done one thing differently. But that is a completely different story that might get told here one day, or not. We’ll see…..)

Open ourselves to the love that is available to us.

We do not have to limit our sources of love. God and the Universe have an unlimited supply of what we need, including love.

When we are open to receiving love, we will begin to receive it. It may come from the most surprising places, including from within ourselves.

We will be open to and aware of the love that is and has been there for us all along. We will feel and appreciate the love from friends. We will notice and enjoy the love that comes from family.

We will be ready to receive love in our special love relationships, too. We do not have to accept love from unsafe people – people who will exploit us or with whom we don’t want to have relationships.

But there is plenty of good love available – love that heals our hearts, meets our needs, and makes out spirits sing.

We have denied ourselves too long. We have been martyrs too long. We have given so much and allowed ourselves to receive too little. We have paid our dues. It is time to continue the chain of giving and receiving by allowing ourselves to receive.

Today and every day, I will open myself to the love that is coming to me from the Universe. I will accept it and enjoy it when it comes.


  1. smiles. you got some pretty prolific emails while you were gone...thanks for sharing them...opening ourselves to love is a lesson we can all re-learn at times.

  2. When you open the doors to love it comes flooding in.

  3. This is something that we all should be aware of. Enjoying it is the most important thing. Accepting it takes some time to learn to do.

  4. I think the positive energy you're going to feel will be wonderful!

  5. That is a beautiful message. Thanks for posting. I think I needed to read it.


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