Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday Round-up

Life is good!  Work is settling down for now.  It won't be long before the summer is over and I have my year-end applications to write and submit.  But that's a good thing!

Home life is settling down as well.  The boxes are disappearing, we are figuring out where to put stuff and finding the stuff we put away.  I'm slowly deciding how I want to decorate the rooms and curtains and stuff.  Its going to fun projects with lots of shopping involved!

Jakes is disappointed because the outing at the horse farm this week was canceled.  Bummer.  He was so excited about it!  She will reschedule it and he'll get to go then.

We had a really good weekend with Jakes.  Lots of silliness and laughter.  Love those kinda weekends.  I painted the living room and unpacked boxes while AZ and Jakes cut the grass.  Jakes did such a good job!  And we paid him in a Milkshake.  :)  Cheap labor!  Jakes was upset cause I got ice cream even though I didn't cut grass with them.  AZ reminded him that I painted and kept them supplied with drinks while they worked outside.

We had a nearly flawless move.  It seems the only thing we've lost is my camera.  I love that camera!  But most of the boxes are unpacked, I cleaned out my car and desk at work and still can't find it.  I also don't remember packing it.  I remember it sitting on the desk because I wanted to document the chaos for blogging purposes.  Guess I'll have to look for a new one to replace it.

I think I've decided where we are going to stay for our little weekend away!  Its a cute little campground in the Poconos, near the Delaware River so we can go tubing one day.  Now to talk to AZ and make the reservations!  The make Jaxon sitting arrangements with the G-parents.

Speaking of the Gparents, I think they are missing us.  First, I'm getting texts from them "stomp, stomp, stomp".  They play Wii bowling every night and when they'd have a good or bad game, they'd stomp on the floor to let me know.  Now they have to text the information.    Also, they had a cookout this past weekend and the text I received from Dad was "get your a$$ here."  hmmmmmmmm  really Daddy?  We didn't go.  It was the end of a long, busy weekend and both AZ and I just wanted to fix dinner and relax for the evening.  Daddy understood when I explained it to him.   

That's my life!  How's things in yours?


  1. I really hope you find your camera!

  2. The camera is there somewhere. From experience as soon as you buy a new one you'll find it!

  3. the campground sounds fun....glad you had a great weekend with Jakes as well....my wife is truning the house upside down right now...moving rooms and it feels like we are moving...

  4. Your getaway sounds so wonderful! I hope you find that camera hidden in a box somewhere. :)


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