Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Check Lists - Randomly

I have check lists EVERY WHERE.  At home, at work, even in the car.  Lists of things that have to be done, things to get at the store, things to unpack, things to put in the attic.

We are finally coming to the end of the boxes.  There is a huge pile of boxes that are going in the attic, hopefully tonight after work.  AZ's friend is moving this weekend so all our empties went right to him.  At least I didn't have to dispose of them!

We have to put another coat of paint on the living room so I don't want to put out my pictures and stuff until that is done.  I hope I can get it done this weekend while AZ is moving his friend.  We'll see.

AZ and I want to take a weekend away from everything.  We've been so busy these past couple of weeks, we hardly see each other, except to pass in the hallway or fight over the bathroom to see who can get out the door first.  When we are home together, we are both working on separate projects.

I am checking for campgrounds in the Poconos.  If anyone has any suggestions, please share!  AZ doesn't care where we go or what we do, he just wants to get away.  I decided that I want to go tubing on the Delaware.  So I'm looking for a campground close to the Delaware Water Gap.

AZ also expressed an interest in going to Assateague Island to see the ponies and go fishing there.  My problem with staying there is that the state park on the Island doesn't have water hook ups at the sites and a limited number of electric sites. I don't think I can go without electric.  We do have a water tank in the camper and there are bathhouses in the park.  We'll go see the Island and the ponies soon.  I love being down there, near Ocean City and everything it has to offer.

Work is busy.  I have a grant due Thursday which I am still working on.  And one due next week which needs a LOT of work.

We are finished with the apartment.  We cleaned it out, painted it and have gotten everything from the outside as well.  I stopped there yesterday to grab my bike and ended up being there for over an hour.  I tried to sneak in and out but Daddy saw me pull up and came out to chat.  I think they miss us (me)!

After all the painting and typing, my fingers are just achy and arthritic feeling.  I don't think its arthritis, I think its just my muscles don't like the abuse I've been giving them for so long.  We'll see if the achy goes away once I stop being so busy.

I need to get serious about my Scentsy business.  I've done NOTHING on it for the month of July.  ugh.  There is a company convention in Las Vegas where they are announcing a new Brand.  I just can't get myself excited about it yet.  Maybe when more boxes are gone.........

Jakes stayed at the new house for the first time this weekend and he seemed to be ok with it.  He said it was different but that he would get used to it.  Good attitude, kiddo.  In time it will be home.  Very soon, it will feel like home.


  1. oo i love the poconos...that is where we honeymooned....Penn Hills resort is where we stayed...got a pretty good deal back int he day....a pool in the room too...and a heart shaped hot tub...haha....any way....

    you would get along well with T...she has lists for everything....

  2. Oh, I am all about the lists. I do love crossing things off!!

    So glad you all are getting settled. Way to kick butt and takes names.

  3. I actually lived in the Poconos for two years, but I really can't remember where any campgrounds were. You could try Shawnee on the Delaware. The best tubing on the river is up by Port Jervis NY, which is not that far from the Poconos.


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