Monday, July 23, 2012

Country Girl in the City

I grew up in a little town of just under 1,100.  Actually, now that Jakes and I moved out, I think it is defintely UNDER 1,100.  Country roads, no stop lights, and you know everyone.  If I didn't know them, they knew who I was and knew my parents.

Last weekend, AZ and I moved from my tiny little apartment on the River in the little town where I grew up and into the City.  At least its like a city to me.  There are over 13,000 people who live there.  There are shopping centers, stop lights, restaurants, banks, post office and access to highways.  All within 5 minutes of our new home.

There are streets I have never heard of or ridden on before.  I am still learning my way around. I can find my way on the main roads and AZ can get me confused by taking back ways to get to the same places.

We are still close to the water, just a block off the River.  Once I find my camera, I will take some pictures of the neighborhood and the new sunsets we have. 

I am feeling a little out of my element in the City. I know I will adjust.   But there will always be some country in this girl.


  1. ha i ditto the adventure...lots of new fun to explore...

  2. I'm sure it feels like a huge change! But before you know it, it'll seem like home. Hopefully. :)

  3. I'm sure it seems like a big change, but before you know it, it'll feel like home! I hope. :)


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