Monday, January 9, 2012

Results of The Meeting

I went to the first Child Study Team meeting at Jakes new school.  It went well, even though I was a little apprehensive for going to the first meeting with JF.  BUT he didn't SHOW!  Father of the Year Award for him!

After the introductions were made, we got down to business.  There were good things said about Jakes and some not so good things, of course. But overall, they are pleased with his behaviors, academically and socially.

I was able to share with them the school setting Jakes was coming from and how pleased I am that he transitioned so well into the bigger school. You could see the astonishment on their faces when I told them there were about 11 kids in the class, a teacher and a one on one aid for Jakes.  I know they were thinking how heavenly that would be!  lol

They are pleased with his work and his attitude (usually). He is still having some (the same) behavioral issues in the classroom but they are working with him. As they learn Jakes and what may set him off, they are able to head things off.

His Language Arts teacher shared that Jakes usually speaks in a monotone voice and doesn't have much expression either. When they were reading the Christmas Carol out loud in class, Jakes really got into the story and did different voices for the different parts that he was reading. Mrs LA said she was so pleased she wanted to jump up and down, clapping her hands. I of course, teared up hearing this too. WAY TO GO JAKES!

My concerns about the calculator were unfounded. The Math teacher said Jakes doesn't use (or need) his calculator even when they are allowed to in class! Again, WAY TO GO JAKES!

They are concerned about his writing. Not his ability, he can construct/deconstruct the sentences and stories as necessary. When he is asked to write about a topic he is very short and to the point. They are going to work on devising writing prompts for him that will help him to become more descriptive in his writing.

Apparently, he failed a math test not because of the calculations but because of having to show his work.  There were two parts to the test, one where they filled in the bubbles and the other where they had to figure everything and explain where the answer came from.  He passed the bubble-filling part, but did so poorly on the "essay" part, that he failed the assessment overall.  Boo.

His social skills teacher shared that overall Jakes is doing very well in her group.  While he is not always able to make adjustments in the group, he is able to articulate to her after the group other ways he could have handled the situations.  We are hoping that with reinforcement and practice, Jakes will eventually be able to apply those skills in the real world.  Its hard for a teenager to apply the skills, let alone a teen with Aspergers.  But there is hope!  He knows what to do, just has to stop and think about doing it.

We will meet in a month to see the progress and to discuss changing from the IEP to a 504 Plan. While I am scared to loose the IEP and the safety it provides us, I can look at going to a 504 as progress. A 504 plan can be an attestation to the fact that Jakes is improving and is becoming more independent.


  1. Overall, that was a very positive meeting, especially considering the pretty big changes he's gone through in the last few months.

    Not cool that his dad didn't show up. At all.

  2. I think that sounds like a great meeting all things considered. It seems like Jakes is taking the transition to living with JF and the new school really well.

  3. so it sounds like there are a lot of good things happing...hey with the calculator exception they are still making him show his work? i know that we got an exception for the show your work in math on one of my kids...

  4. These kinds of meetings, even with kids who do not have a diagnosis, can be terrifying. Sounds like you and the school are making a great team effort to help Jakes be the best he can be. Keep up the good work!

  5. Thats rock n roll.
    Well done.

    No shocker on the no show : \

  6. I'm glad everything went well. That is too cool about the no calculator thing.

    Writing is what Tommy needs work on too. He's also short and to the most men ;)


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