Friday, January 6, 2012

Fragmented Friday

I think I've had too much time off work, if that's possible.  I totally forgot that it was Friday!  Its Happy dance time!  Also, earlier this week, I was positive that the IEP meeting was on Wednesday when it really was on Thursday.  DUH.

The IEP meeting went very well.  The team was pleased that I chose to come and they loved that I had so much to share.  They didn't come right out and say it but I got the impression that they didn't get much from JF at the first meeting.  OH!  JF didn't even show up!  Father of the Year Again!   I will share more details on the meeting later.  BUT, I am even more convinced that I've done the right thing where Jakes is concerned.  I've given him the best chance at succeeding for now.

ESM shared her cold with EVERYONE in the compound, including myself.  I spent yesterday other than the meeting under blankets sniffling and snotting.  I'm feeling better today, just a little snotty and a little dizzy.

Jakes starts up with riding lessons again tomorrow.  Its going to be SO cold!  He's excited.  Me - not so much!

I don't think I'll be swimming in the ocean this year.  I just don't have the money for the sponsorship nor for the gas to travel to the beach where it's held.  BUT thanks to my daddy, I almost have my budget balanced!  I should be back on track with my budget by March.  Fingers crossed!

My plans for the weekend are for Riding lessons and after Jakes leaves, I have a cookbook to work on.  My housework is done, so there won't be that.  hmmmmm.....  Maybe a little creative writing on the side.....  if its warm enough, I'll turn Jaxon loose on the beach at low tide again.  He loves to chase the geese!  One day, he'll get one, if only he'd take the plunge in the friged water.

What are your plans?


  1. cool on the riding lessons and i am glad he is excited...and good on the IEP meeting as well...

  2. Glad you're IEP meeting went well! I'm balancing the checkbook, and probably doing a little laundry. Have a good week-end! Rooting for Jaxon to catch a goose. :)

  3. Woohoo for a good meeting. That always makes my day to hear. It's either bad meeting or good meeting, it's nice to hear about the good.

    My Weekend: Do not kill the dog. Do not kill the dog. Do not drink at 3 in the afternoon.
    Do not get mad at Papa Cupcakes for being thousands of miles away from the chaos.
    Do not embark upon major online retail therapy.

    Please let the weekend end. Soon! lol


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