Friday, January 6, 2012

Change - A Theme Thursday Post

On the ride home from the airport this past December, I was noticing things that had changed in my little corner of the world.  That set me to wondering if I would have taken the time to notice them had I been around the entire time.

The first thing I noticed was how frail my Daddy looked when he got out of the truck.  He was so skinny and even bent over a little bit.  He didn't even try to help me put my suitcase in the trunk, which is unusual for this gentleman who still opens car doors for ESM. But on the other hand, I was happy that he wasn't trying to do anything that would stress his already over-stressed heart.  I'm very proud that he's finding his limits and is trying to stick to them.

On the ride home, the highway part didn't look to be changed too much.  There were new areas of construction and such.

When we got off the highway and into my hometown area, there were so many things that stood out to me.  There had been a fire that destroyed a building.  It stood empty, blackened, and haunted.

The farmers had been busy with harvesting the soy beans and corn crops.  Once the fields were clear, they harrowed and tilled them.  The fields had turned from dead and deserted to a rich brown waiting to start the growing process again.  You could smell the clean, tilled dirt.  That is a smell that I will always associate with spring.

The biggest change I noticed was in Jakes when I picked him up the following weekend.  I think he grew 5 inches!  He is looking so mature and tall.

We rode through town on the way home and there weren't many changes there.  People were starting to put up their Christmas decorations and such.  Even though there weren't many changes, my eyes had been opened to the possibility of more changes.  Time away from your home does open your eyes and mind to see home as a new place.  Its good to get away for vacation but its also very good to come home.



  1. I don't like hearing about the changes in your dad, but like you said, it's a good thing that he's not overtaxing himself!

  2. hope everything is ok with dad... :(

    funny a bit on jakes...we dont notice as much when we see them all the time but man do they change fast...

  3. There are times when I have been sick and not left the house for a while. It is so strange when I then drive around because I notice so much has changed. Even just a week at home is strange. The Santa Ana winds are blowing pretty good this past week and this weekend. They always produce major changes around here. Wind can be very destructive.

    I hope your dad continues to heal and trust me as we grow older we do not walk as straight or as fast as we once did. Mostly it is those pesky knees.

    Thank you so much for playing with us in this weeks Theme Thursday. A great story about change.

    God bless.


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