Thursday, January 19, 2012


My visitation schedule with Jakes is varied.  He visits me almost every weekend but there is one weekend per month that I don't have him.  I guess I have to share weekends with his dad once in a while.  On the weekend that I don't have Jakes, I am allowed time on Friday to have dinner with him.

Jakes lives about 45 minutes from me, in another state, over a bridge with a toll.  On these Fridays, there isn't time to get him, bring him back to my house, and take him back to his house.  Plus, the gas and tolls would totally kill the budget.  So while I would love to see him on these Friday's, there have been several where I've opted not to go and see him.  And this doesn't make Jakes very happy at all.

With paying child support, my budget is SO tight.  There have been weeks when I just don't have gas in the car or money to take him out to dinner.  When I say my budget is tight, I mean its like I'm slowly being strangled by a python snake.  I am slowly getting a handle on it but there is still more going out than coming in.  Hence, the second job!  More info on that in February.

In the winter its just too cold and its dark by the time I get to his house.  When it gets warmer, I have plans of taking food with me and taking Jakes to a park that is nearby. 

I've thought about going to the mall that's fairly close, but Jakes isn't into wandering and window shopping. There would be the inevitable begging for something (LEGO's), me having to say NO, and him having a hissy fit (EMBARASSMENT).  I've thought about going to the movies but that's SO expensive these days too.  Even even with matinee pricing, which my visit hours are after.

So, I'm turning to you, my wonderful followers to give me some suggestions for things to do with my son, that includes cheap food and a little entertainment in the winter evenings.  Keep in mind, I don't have a home-like place to take him, we'd have to be able to do things in the car or at restaurant.  HELP ME!!! 


  1. hmm...ok check the entertainment guide for your area, google fun things to do with kids....we have a nature center that is a cool cheep date...also google kids eat free nights in your area...we also go to the bookstore to play games and have 'coffee' or hot cocoa...if there is a local school you could check their sports schedule...

  2. Umm, check out what might be going on at the local library? Or get the free newspaper from Philly (I can't think what it's called, I'm guessing you mean he's in PA ;) They list free things to do usually. (at least I think they do!)

    I'm very helpful, I know!

  3. Local library, movies, bowling, starbucks and a deck of cards????

  4. The ones above me have said everything I thought of, but check the website for the area to see if there is a list of activities posted. You may luck out and find something there that you could do on occasion.


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