Saturday, January 21, 2012


Because I missed my visit with Jakes last weekend, he called to ask if he could come this weekend.  I think his father was sick of him and wanted a break.  Doesn't matter.  I'll take Jakes.  Or so I thought.......

I picked him up Friday evening and we met the gparents for dinner.  At dinner, Jakes was bouncing in his chair, so excited to be home with us and LOUD.  When any of us would ask him to turn down the volume, he'd argue that he wasn't being loud.  Sigh.......  We finished dinner, came home, snuggled up to watch TV, then went to bed.

Saturday morning, Jakes wakes me up at 7 AM.  DUDE!  Its the WEEKEND!  There's no reason to get up so early.  Be QUIET!  He's in the living room making meowing noises at one of the kitties.  Then he announces that he's going to go outside to start digging the compound out from the snow that fell last night.  DUDE!  Its too early and you'll wake everyone up.  Wait a while.  He argued with me that he wants to get it done quickly.  STOP arguing with me, please.  We'll go out later when people are awake at least.

Later comes and we get bundled up to go out and shovel.  Its more rain than snow or ice at this time.  We clean off the sidewalks, cars and steps.  By then, I'm soaked to the skin, cold and hungry.  I told Jakes I was going inside and he needed to come in as well.  He argued with me.  "I'm not wet or cold"

I flipped out on him and stood in the driveway, yelling at him for his attitude and mouth.  He argued that he doesn't have a mouth.  I yelled some more and went inside.  He followed.  I was still spewing words at him.

I walked away and got in the shower.  When I got out, I was pleasant to him, like it didn't happen.  He apologized for being mean and arguing with me.  That was nice.  I am hopeful that he'll remember how to talk to me and stop arguing for the rest of the weekend.  If not, buh-bye!  You can go home to your dad.

Example of an argument with Jakes:

We're cleaning off a car, I ask him to stop banging on the car.  I can HEAR him banging.

Me: Stop banging on the car please.
J: I'm not doing anything.
M: You're not banging on the car?
J: I'm cleaning off the car.
M: You're banging on the car and going to leave marks with the scrapper.
J: I'm not doing anything.
M: STOP arguing with me.
J: I'm not arguing with you.

Imagine that we're both getting attitude and voices escalating with each round.  I finally walked away.  Every conversation with Jakes is like that.  He's just so frustrating to talk to!  Deep breathe and walk away........


  1. oy i feel for you....cooler heads prevail mom...take your breaks to breathe...i am glad he apologized...

  2. Weary and frustrated. Make a plan of (attack) appraoch and stick to it.

  3. sounds like the fights i have with andrew. and he's only 4. the things i have to look forward to :p

  4. The fight example, that's so Vanilla. He always says I'm not arguing, but he is, stop talking Vanilla, I'm not talking. AGH!

  5. I can see where those constant arguments would really wear you down!


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