Friday, January 13, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Its a Fabulous Friday before a 3 day weekend!  I get Jakes for Friday through Sunday and I've asked his dad if I can keep him until Monday evening since he's off school.  I'll probably regret it, considering Jakes was being bratty to me via text last night.

JF lives to annoy me.  On TUESDAY, I sent an email asking if I can keep Jakes on the following Monday.  JF read the email on Tuesday afternoon, yet he still hasn't bothered to let me know if I can keep Jakes on Monday.  Jakes said JF has talked to him about the schedule but of course, Jakes isn't supposed to get in the middle of things.  Why is it so hard to email me back to let me know what the schedule is?  I mean, you're right there reading the email, how hard is it to click "reply" and let me know what's going on?  JF does this all the time.  I think its because he doesn't want to email, he wants to text to me.  I want emails because if I have to go to court, I can use the emails as proof.  I can't easily get the text messages printed.

Or its just another way JF has to try and control me.  A$$hole.

Well, the cold that took my voice last weekend is still here in full force.  Only now its in my head.  I cannot breathe but I have snot dripping.  That is so gross.  And all the people I've talked to who have this cold say it hangs on and hangs on and hangs on.  HELP!  I need spring!

I was chatting with AZ yesterday and he said it was lovely weather out there.  He had his patio door open and was enjoying the warm.  I'm so jealous!  We had a cold front move through yesterday and this morning we had a temp of 17.  Freaking COLD. 

He's moving slowly on wrapping things up out there to move back here.  He wants to try and wait out the cold weather here before he comes back.  I don't blame him!  I'm thinking the snow-birds have the right idea; head south for the winter.  Someday......

Dad and ESM are looking for a motor home.  Dad is retired, ESM is almost ready to retire, she only has a few more years to ensure health benefits.  So they are looking for a motor home so they can tool around the country when they are both retired.  Good for them!  Of course, that would leave me in charge of Kathy.  hmmmmm.........  Maybe its time to get a life of my own............  I have a couple of years to do that!

I've cut back on my depression meds and don't seem to be experiencing too much in the way of side effects.  Life is still good.  I'm still happy.  I have been wishing I could spend more time in bed, avoiding life but I've also had this miserable cold.  When I'm sick, all I want is to curl up in bed and sleep.

This weekend with Jakes will be a good trial to see if I can be around him without depression meds.  One of my co-workers suggested that I might need something to take just when he's with me; something with quick relief and short acting.  I hope not but its definitely something I will consider if necessary.  Jakes has been my biggest stressor and depressor.  I'm hoping that we can continue to be in a good place together that I won't need the meds at all.  Fingers crossed!

My computer at work is slowly falling failing.  I've been having trouble with the 'f' and 'u' keys.  IT thinks my hard drive is going bad.  They want to swap out my laptop for a different one. sigh.  That means I have to take all my personalization stuff off this laptop and then put it back on the other laptop.  Fun stuff!  But it means I will have a laptop that will actually work and not sit and spin, doing nothing.  It is an old laptop, over 6 years old and its got a lot of hours on it.

OOOOO!  Choir practice starts on Tuesday! I can't wait!  Of course with the cold, I don't know how much singing I'll be able to do but I'll be there to start learning the songs!  Such FUN!

In February I will be starting a new part-time job.  Its going to be exciting and fun!  More info to come........

Have a wonderful weekend and stay WARM!


  1. wow lots in this....have a great weekend and dont let the AH ruin on choir practice...i have a cold today too...ugh...

  2. Been using F U at work a lot lately huh?

    (hehe, I'm in A Mood.)

  3. Like Andrea, I found the F and U key thing pretty funny! I hope you get Jakes through Monday, and I think that would be really cool for your dad to roll the countryside. :)

  4. I'm glad you're still happy :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. hope you're feeling better and had a good weekend. don't let the assholes get you down. they aren't worth the energy...


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