Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some Random Thoughts

Its Back to Work Tuesday.  Oh wait!  Many of you have already been back to work. Sorry, don't mean to rub it in.  This is my first day back to work since before Christmas.  Actually, I was ready to come back to work.  My house is spic and span clean and since I don't have cable anymore, I'm bored silly!  Jaxon on the other hand looked at me like I was crazy for expecting him to get out of bed that early in the morning.  He's gotten used to sleeping in!  Poor baby, but he can go back to bed when I go to work.

I managed to successfully annoy Jakes via text message last night.  Loved it!  We'll see if he see the humor in it today.  He MIGHT contact me, we'll see!

I have to run to a meeting this morning.  Boring!  Oh well, its outta the office when there will be crazy clients here.

The "f" key on my keyboard doesn't work unless I really beat it hard.  oooooo FUN!  But annoying when I've typed half a page without looking and am missing 382 "f's".

I hate my scale.  That is all.

My Daddy is AWESOME!  He offered to let me put my cell phone on their bill and just pay the difference between what they already pay and the fees I will incur.  It should save me about $30 bucks a month.  Woo ho!  I'm all for saving money!

I can't wait for my employer to give me my W2 so I can file for my refund.  I gots bills to pay!

I actually stayed up to see in the New Year!  My parents and Kathy were at my place to play Wii bowling and eat munchies.  It was a fun evening.  Until the ball dropped and I had to tell my parents to get a room.  eeeeewwwwwww!  not a pretty sight for a kid! 

Hi, Ho!  Its off to work I go!  Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Parents should pretend you were an immaculate conception. Seriously. EW!

    Save money! Refund! Woohoo! I love finding little gems in the day like that.

    I'd sure love it if the freakin' (pardon me) government would PLEASE give me my adoption tax credit now. It's only been four years! OI!

    Merry Happy New New Year! I actually made it to midnight. My 10 yr old was very proud of me ;)

  2. lol on the 'f' and what a head ache too...lol....oh yes come on tax refunds....need that myself...nice on no cable too...we might go back to that route...i dont want to work today.... : ( smiles.

  3. Your dad rocks for helping you out with the phone. Makes total sense too.

    I had that happen with my u key once, but then Best Buy snapped it in for me again so we're good to go.

  4. Yay for saving money. That rocks!

    I'm looking forward to the tax refund too!


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