Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Tid Bits

SO many little things going on.  Jakes B-day dinner was lovely, except that I embarassed him.  I don't know how, maybe just being Mom.  ha!  That's ok cause my dad embarrassed ME at the birthday dinner.

Jakes invited a GIRL to his birthday dinner!  She's cute and so nice!  They both deny being boyfriend and girlfriend and with them being 13, I imagine its more embarrassing to be boyfriend/girlfriend.  Such an awkward age!

January is a month with an "R" in it and you know what that means!  OYSTERS!  I love 'em fried but not raw.  On my way home from the IEP meeting, I got me some for dinner tomorrow!

AZ is packing up in Arizona and will be heading back this way by the end of February or early March.  YAY!  Much easier to be friends without a country in between!  Especially when the time difference is 3 hours part of the year and only 2 the other part.  Talk about confusing......

I've certainly been enjoying the lovely spring-like weather this winter.  I didn't even mind the little snow storm we had a couple weeks back.  I ended up with Jakes staying with me and sent him out to dig everyone out. Win-Win!

I got to see Jakes today at school.  I went there for a meeting with the child study team to establish his IEP. It took them this long to get their version in place because they had to do their own evaluations and such.  Because Jakes is now 13, they include him in the meetings for transitioning to high school and beyond.  Father of the Year didn't show up as usual.

I'm sure I have more tid bits to share but I'm going for a walk in the lovely weather this afternoon!


  1. I can't get over the cuteness of his bringing a girl! :))

  2. a girlfriend...nice...


    supposed to get snow next week...nice...



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