Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Apartment Living

I love where I live.  The views are great!

Our Canadian Geese are back!
Son loves to throw corn on the beach for them.

My parents live right upstairs for convenience.  And I LOVE my landlord!  She is more like another grandmother for Son.

The downside of apartment living is that the upstairs had a water leak and now I have wet walls and MOLD to deal with.  YUCK. 

The Handiman (Dad) for the apartments tells me to keep spraying bleach on it and eventually it will go away.  Anyone else have a quick fix that doesn't involve tearing out walls?


  1. I tried the bleach thing, but the mold kept coming back. I recommend moving. It's what I did.

  2. No! no! no! dont listen to Grant. You CANT move!!! EVER!

    I mean it.

  3. Not that I know of - and I spent 20 years in the construction/home improvement industry. Couldn't tell by the photo but - is there wallpaper on them? If so, remove the wallpapaper and apply the bleach directly to the plaster or drywall. Repeated treatings MAY cure the situation, but the only surefire way is to take the wallcoverings off right down to the wooden studs and redo the walls. I know - lotsa work and a total drag.

    Love the view from your apartment, though!

    The Old Silly

  4. Guess what! I LOVE woodworking! It's not ever mentioned on my blog. Who would care? But you have to get to the SOURCE. If that's drywall, you don't have to take the entire sheet down, just the "area". It looks to be about 6" x 12". Easy to cut out, check the 2x4s behind the drywall. Leave the hole open for a while, after a good scrubbing with bleach. You can repatch the 6" x 12" with some spackling (or the old fashioned WHITE toothpaste) It won't be as noticeable as MOLD. And mold SPREADS.

  5. I meant to say "repatch with a small piece of drywall, using spackle or toothpaste to join the seams." argh


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