Monday, November 2, 2009


It seems that I am predictable.  Instead of asking what I am making for dinner, my friends ask if I am going out to dinner or if I am cooking.  And they laugh at me if I say I am cooking.

Its not that I am a bad cook, I just DON'T cook very much.  I live in an apartment under my parents and they don't cook either.  They typically go out to dinner 6 nights per week and take our friend and neighbor, Kathy.  Since I moved in here, Son and I join them a lot.  I admit that one week, I didn't cook AT ALL.  We went out EVERY NIGHT with them.  And its great cause we rotate who buys, who leaves tip and who doesn't pay.  Of course, they usually fight with me when I say its my turn, they don't think I should take a turn.

Today, I was chatting with my friend about our weekends and when I told her I cooked twice, she actually laughed!  Like it was comical that I cooked.  Later in the day another friend asked if I was going out to dinner and she giggled.

I think they are jealous!  Actually, I know my one friend is, she asked if she could be adopted!  lol  

Another reason to love living so close to my parents!

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  1. Your other friend is jealous too! LOL I love to cook but would also love to go out a few nights each week. Can't you pass me off as a long lost sister or something??


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