Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Jaxon is getting better.  He is sleeping through the night again and going to the bathroom normally!  YAY!  We have one more dose of medicine to give him and hopefully he will be all better! He LOVES being outside with us laying in the sun.  He's learning to fetch and he walks on the leash VERY well.  I am kinda surprised at how easy he is to train to do things. 

The potty thing is taking longer than most things but he doesn't have control over those things yet.  He will soon though!  I think he is doing VERY well with the potty thing, there haven't been any accidents in the house in a couple of days.  YAY!

Don't mind the mess!
Yes, that is a life size Bear in the Big Blue House.

Son LOVED that show when he was little and I found Bear at the Disney outlet in Rehoboth for about $10.00.  It was a find that I could not resist!  Son has slept with him ever since, the cats like sleeping with Bear and now, so does Jaxon!

My weekend is shaping up to be pretty nice and not just weather-wise!  I'm taking the car for a tune-up, meeting my BFF for coffee and a cooking demo at the mall, riding my bike and having a cookout with the Compound (that's what we call the group of apartments where I live).  Son is going to his Dad's so I will probably also be napping in the hammock by the river!  Is it 5 o'clock yet?



  1. Awww, such a cute widow feddow. Happy Weekend to you too, Amy!

  2. My son also used to love Bear in the Big Blue House. He cracked up when bear would sniff the screen.


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