Thursday, March 4, 2010

I've left you hanging

I don't remember if I posted that the Polar Bear Plunge was postponed to March 14th due to one of the MANY blizzards the east coast had this winter.  Not quite as polar bear-ish as if it was still in February.  Neicy was excited at the thought of running over the snow covered beach to the water.  Me, not so much.

This also is the weekend of Spring Ahead on the clocks!  I can't wait for more daylight and warmer temps!

So anyway, all of us, Son, Jaxon and me will be heading to the beach on March 14th to swim in the ocean!  There's still time to donate!  Let me know if you are interested and I will send you the link!  Thanks to my readers who HAVE donated!  You are the BEST!

I will post pictures after the Big Swim.


  1. You MUST take pictures of that frozen event!!!

  2. nice. any idea on how doantions are coming...

  3. I for one am happy that it has been postponed. Feb. is just wrong to plunge into the ocean. Poor Jacob would have went in shock. Brrrrrr


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