Thursday, March 25, 2010

When It Becomes A Chore........

You know how you feel about having to do chores. You dread them, you do them because you have to but you are not happy about it. That is how I have been feeling about blogging lately, I am very sorry to say. Blogging, writing blogs, reading and commenting on your wonderful posts, has become a chore to me. I dread having to come up with a new topic to post.

I love reading about your lives, I have giggled at the mishaps of a blooming romance, cried tears of joy at the triumphs of Anissa and her family, learned from Silly Classes on Blogging, stood at the looking glass to see Alice’s poems and pictures, been envious of the obvious love for wife and sons as well as an AMAZING way with words, and learned many things from other spectrum moms and talking pickles.  All of you and MANY, MANY more have made this experience wonderful and fun.  A part of me will miss you and I imagine I will still look at life as a blog post.  "How can I blog about this?"  ;)

In my real life, I have fabulous things happening. I have a wonderful son, who while being sassy with pre-teen angst, is my world. Spring is here and with it a call to be outside where computers and internet don’t reach. The puppy is growing rapidly and as he grows so does his energy levels, dragging me with him.

I have the possibility of love. Its out there waiting for me, I just have to stop hiding from it. I have gotten very good at hiding from it. I stay home to read and write blogs! I have the love of my family and immediate friends. But I feel that now is the time to get out there and find the love of a partner. I feel it calling me and I am ready to answer it.

Don't panic!  I am not giving up totally on blogging. This will not be an empty nest, it just won’t be occupied as often. I am perched on the ledge, spreading my wings to take off..........


  1. smiles. fly...

    and then come back and tell us.

  2. It's just like I said on MY blog, people are going MIA due to non-functioning "blog happy" buttons. The daily grind is just not newsworthy and other things are more pertinent.


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