Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Grass Watch

Dad is doing a pretty good job watching the grass.  The front yard is looking pretty good.

He thought he was going to spread some more seed over the weekend and his body just laughed at him.  So while he sat in a chair, his good daughter took orders and did as he instructed.

We have this cool sprinkler that "walks" along the hose and waters.  You just have to turn it off when it gets to the end.  Only we keep forgetting to turn it off and we end up watering Kathy's house too!

But the yard is looking pretty good!  I can't wait till we are allowed to use it again.

I have to do a small tribute to my cousin Dawn and her Hubby, John.  They came over and put Dad's A/C's in over the weekend.  I didn't even know she read my blog!  I posted about needing help and she was messaging me within minutes!  Dawn and John, you are life savers!  Literally in this case!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Love you both!


  1. I'm sure even though he was just sitting that he thoroughly enjoyed being out there!

  2. i wish i could watch mine get shorter...smiles.

  3. Is that a water view? I am in such envy right now.


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