Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saylors, Oh My Poor Saylors!

I talk A LOT about Jaxon, the new puppy and a little bit about the two kitties, Saylors and Kitters.  Saylors is a very beautiful grey and black girl kitty with green eyes.  I have always called her my high maintenance kitty because she always seems to be complaining about something and is always wanting love.

See, Pretty Kitty.

Anyway, the other night I noticed that she was limping and checked her out.  She didn't seem to be complaining too much and she could still get around so I didn't think it was serious enough for the emergency hospital.  The next day I did take her to the regular vet who said she has 2 broken toes.  Ouchies!  Poor baby!

The vet said to cast her foot would be difficult and since she was able to walk on it some, he recommended that I crate her for about 3 weeks.  Oh crap.  First, I didn't have a crate big enough for her, a litter box and food dishes.  I do have a crate for the dog but he NEEDS to be in it too.  Putting them together would be silly.  HA!

I texted Neicy's daughter, Allison cause she has a big dog and is known to foster other big dogs.  She had a crate that I can borrow!  YAY!  Love it!  So here is Saylors all settled in, not happy with having her freedom curtailed but she will heal properly this way.

Every time someone walks near the cage she yells to get out.  Poor Saylors!

I wish someone would crate me and bring me all my meals for 3 weeks!

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  1. aw, poor kitty...hope saylors heals up soon....any idea how she did it? our cats name is miko...a pixiebob


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