Friday, June 4, 2010

The Class Trip

Last week I took the day off to join Son's class on their trip.  We went to Wildwood. Now I wasn't too sure about going to the Jersey Shore on the Friday before the season opened.  I figured we would be stuck in traffic one way or the other.  But since we left the school at 6:30 AM and left the beach at 1:30, we missed all the traffic.  The weather cooperated and it was a VERY pleasant trip.  Let me share some picture with you (I only took 231):
Heading Out

Oops from WAY back when......

Going UP!

the Fleet was in that day

Coast Guard Station at Cape May


On a class trip there has to be some education. 
We learned about the horsehoe crab.

Cape May Lighthouse
The red roofed building is a convent for retired nuns.

They threw a net in to see what we could catch and study.
They also threw in a plankton catcher.
Son is of course right up front into everything.   He loves science.

Nice, huh?

Son holding a Horseshoe Crab.
In the net they caught some flounder and other fish.
They divided the stuff up for different areas of the boat.
The kids got to move around the boat to the different stations while we motored back to port.
I found a nice sunny seat and took pictures.

Checking out Plankton

We ended the day on the beach and in the water.  HEAVEN!


  1. oh. that looks like such a cool trip...very engaging for the senses too which is good for kids...

  2. Don't you love it when everything falls together like, traffic, etc? Glad it was a fun time! 231 pics? Are you serious? ha.

  3. ummm.... ummm.... That crab in the first picture the guy is holding upside down... ummm.... ummmmm... we have those here but they are the size of a quarter. I run my hands under the sand to find them. Can you please PLEASE tell me that those don't grow that big here in California because Ummmmm I may have a problem the next time I go to the damn beach.


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