Monday, August 9, 2010

Hi there!

Hi there!  I am baaack!  After a couple of zombie days, I am back and feeling pretty good.  Thanks again for the well wishes!  I just want to say one thing:  Summer Colds SUCK.

Now that's outta the way....  My weekend was fun-filled and BUSY.  Our County fair was this week and Jakes and I were there on Tuesday and Friday.  We had planned to be there on Wednesday as well but that didn't work out. Oh well, Jakes adapted very well and I thanked him for it.  Such a sweetie when Mom is sick!

The local paper reported that there was over 20,000 people who visited the fair grounds over the week.  WOW!  I didn't realize that there were that many people in the county.  Guess I need to brush up on my census facts! 

Its the typical county fair with tractors, animals, crafters, cow queen contest, and good country food.  Jakes and I checked out all of it.  My Step-Mom had a booth there for the county tourism department.  We hung out with her for a bit as well.  Its pretty nice to have a "home base" of sorts to meet back and regroup.

People entered their prize veggies, photos, art works, quilts and other home made treasures.  There wasn't as much home made treasures this year as in the past.  Only about 8 handmade quilts.   This building was my favorite to wander through.  I was so into seeing what was entered, I forgot to take pictures.  Years ago, my mom entered quilts that she made and she won first place!  Mom was very talented. :)

On with the pictures!

Old Tractors

New Tractors


Big Animals

Fast Animals


Isn't he CUTE?

The Stage for the Fair Queen Contest.
Yes, I entered when I was younger.  I didn't win.

Don't worry, I shared with my step mom.  :)

Overall, Son and I had a grand time and can't wait for next years festivities!


  1. looks like a fun time...esp funnel cakes....smiles. my boys love tractors so they woul hav been in heaven...glad you are feeling better!

  2. Looks like such great fun - reminds me of my childhood days, I used to go to those kinds of fairs. Glad your back!


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