Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Jaxon

Its been a while since I posted any pictures or antics of Jaxon Gibbs the Pup.  Here's some stuff he has been up to lately.


That is a stuffed tree trunk with 3 stuffed squirrels and one rabbit.

He is digging for..........

The RABBIT!  He left all the squirrels inside.

He also loves to chew on the tree and I have sewn it up at least 3 times.
Kimber is going to get us another one soon!

Yes, that is a Tomato.
He loves to pick his own.  If there are any low enough to reach, he will grab it and eat it.

He's a Jersey Dog.
You know, like Jersey Fresh? 
Weak, I know.  lol

YUM!  can I have more, please?

Isn't he SWEET?


  1. Very sweet! My have a dog that steals things from our garden as well. Cucumbers, tomatoes...bad dog. :)

  2. ha. fun stuff...interesting that he likes tomatoes...

  3. What a funny and happy boy he is!

  4. i wonder if to him the rabbit smells different?

  5. he's so sweet! I love that tree thing, I've never seen it before. Where do you get it??


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