Monday, August 16, 2010

My Daddy Let's Me Play with Power Tools

I sold my house because I couldn't and didn't want to have to worry about home repairs and up keep. I moved near my parents and the compound came with a wonderful landlord and handiman.  Since then the handiman (Daddy) has gotten sick and isn't supposed to do anything around the place.  But if anything needs to be done, he thinks he can do it. 

Since I don't want Daddy to make himself worse, I have been offering to do stuff around here.  Whatever needs to be done.  My latest project was to water proof the decks after they were power washed.  Dad said he was going to do them so I hurried up and got started on them.  The first one I painted with a brush and it took me several hours over the course of a week.  ugh.  In the hot weather, on a ladder, with Humming birds dive bombing me. 

The deck I painted by brush

Then Daddy decided that he would help me out.  He bought me this:


Being a girl and all, I was skeptical that this would be eaiser/faster to use.  Let me tell you, HEAVEN!  I knocked out their second deck in 3 hours, including clean up!  Again, its a second story deck and required me on a ladder but the Humming birds were thankfully absent!

The 3 hour deck

I knew there was a reason I loved my Daddy!

I was not paid or reimbursed by Wagner at all for this post but I should be!


  1. woot. i need to get me one as mine need done...i used a roller last time i did it and it came out rather nice...

  2. I did that once on my hands and knees with a brush. Not fun at all. I can see where that tool would be the best. Yay to your dad!

  3. You should be very proud of yourself!!!


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