Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tractor Pulls

At the County Fair, they had Antique tractor pulls on Wednesday and Friday.  Son LOVES the tractor pulls so I try to make sure he gets to see as much of them as possible.  Enjoy some pictures from Friday night.......

Watching them prepare the track.

The sled.

ALL the tractor lined up before the competition.


Girl Power!  There were lots of girl drivers this year!

Unusual Tractor

They even hold races for the kids.  Son was too old for them this year.  :(

While Son watched the Big tractors pull, I either wandered the fair or sat and read my book to keep an eye on Son.  I love the fair because you can let your kids run around or you can leave them and you run around!  Eventually, they make their way back to you and there is usually 15 people who know your kid and more than likely, they are related to you!

We stayed until way after dark and I was finally able to bribe Jakes to leave with me.  Of course getting out of the parking area took 30 minutes itself but we expected that.  Overall, it was a great fair and we can't wait for next year!


  1. Ahhh..the fair! I loved the fair we used to go to north of Seattle. Loved it and have taken MiniMac a few times. Did you eat funnel cake? Best part of the fair! LOL.

  2. I just love how focused and interested in it he is!

  3. he seems truly interested...
    Happy Wednesday!

  4. I love these County Fairs! We had ours back in July...The Carnival Queen and her attendants, the Big Parade, the fair-ground, as well as the tractor pulls, the mini-motor bikes, the vintage steam engines, even the Cumberland Wrestling!
    Oh, I wish it were July again!!!
    Then the evening ends with the traditional evening Ball, which goes on into the early hours of the morning...and many sore heads!

  5. nice! i cant wait to show these to the boys tonight!

  6. Just loved this. Memories ... our state fair every summer in Traverse City, Michigan, they always had tractor pull competitions.

  7. Fairs are so fun! Yours sounds really lovely - glad a good time was had by all!


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