Monday, August 2, 2010

True Friends

There’s a saying that a good friend is someone you can call to bail you out of jail. A True Friend will be sitting next to you in the jail cell, saying “That was CooL! Let’s do it again!” I have been blessed to have true friends in my life. The first one to come into my life did so when I was in the 5th grade.


The History:
Everyone was clustered in the school yard comparing new clothes and checking out the new kids when I saw Kimber walking into the yard looking scared. There was something about her that drew me to her and ask what grade she was in. I was hoping that she was in my grade but come to find out, she was in 7th. Oh great! She was one of the older kids and that pretty much guaranteed that we would not be friends. So I pointed her in the direction of where her class would line up and went back to my class.

Over time we would see each other and talk, getting to know each other, becoming friends. As we talked we found out that she was cousins with a girl I was friends with until that girl had to move away. My parents knew Kimber’s family, her grandmother, her mother and her uncles; there’s a lot of history there.

In time we were inseparable, spending weekends at each other houses, on the phone constantly, we were like sisters. Kimber graduated from our school and went to high school. We still hung out but there were new friends who included me too. I finally joined her in high school where we continued to have fun, with new friends and boyfriends. She dated my cousin, I dated hers (neither relationship worked out). We went to formal dances with our boyfriends but always hung out together.

Jaxon getting to know one of Kimber's 4 dogs.
They all got along VERY well!

Then tragedy struck. Kimber’s mom was killed in a car accident and eventually Kimber went to live with her uncle in North Jersey. ACK! What was I going to do without my best friend??!?!?!?

Well, I went to visit her and she came to visit me. We talked on the phone when we could but it wasn’t the same of course. We each made new friends and drifted apart but when we would get together it would be like we had been together yesterday. True friend.

Life goes on, school turns into work, boyfriends turn into husbands, our children expand our families, divorces shrink the family back. We have supported and loved each other through it all.

The Present:
This weekend, I packed Jaxon up and drove two hours north to spend the weekend with Kimber and her family. Kimber and I were going to take an evening for US and go dancing but we never made it there. Doesn’t matter cause we still had SO much FUN!

Jaxon loved Kimber from the start but took a little while to warm up to Dale.
I don't know why!  Dale is a great guy.

Friday when I finally got there, Kimber, Dale (her fiancé) and I headed out to dinner then we were going to find some place to dance. Dinner was great! We talked and laughed and just enjoyed being together. After dinner we ended up over their friends house for a bon fire and drinks. I met some great people and found out that Dale is a great impressionist. I can’t remember when I laughed SO much!

On Saturday, Kimber, her daughter Brianna and I went for manicures. We picked up Brianna’s boyfriend & had lunch. Again, I don’t remember laughing so much. After lunch, we headed to Kimber’s uncles house for a graduation party. I got to see all of Kimber’s relatives, her grandmother, her uncles and their families. I haven’t seen them in several years and I caught hell for that and the fact that Jakes wasn’t with me! They love him too.

They are such a loving family and seeing them again was like we’d been together yesterday. There wasn’t a beat missed. I love that.

After the graduation party, Kimber and I were going clubbing. We have gotten SO old that by the time we got home, neither of us really wanted to go out. So we stayed home and watched a movie (which I fell asleep on!).

Sunday, I drugged Jaxon (that's going to be another post!) and headed home. I miss being there with Kimber and her family but I know that she is there for me the next time I want to do something that will land me in jail! She’ll right there with me. And I'll be right there for her.

I love you Kimber! Thanks for the AWESOME weekend!

While Jaxon had a great time, he was happy to get home. (yes, that's MY pillow)
My Tired Puppy!


  1. Great Story :) And I'm glad to be included as one of those other friends<3
    Are the 3 of us still on for Saturday??

  2. ok, so after an opening like one ended up in jail right? smiles.

    omg we drugged our cat was the scariest funniest thing...i had forgotten all about that...

  3. Great post and pictures! It's nice you have had a friend you've stayed in touch with all this time.

  4. It's great to have friends like that, isn't it? I'm like that with a high school friend who's now in Canada. Not exactly convenient...but doable if you're both into it. Nice post. And thanks for coming over to Life is Good.

  5. That is so great as it's a rare friendship that picks up where it left off from long ago! I'm so glad you had a great weekend!

  6. It is so wonderful to have close friends!! Great story!!


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