Sunday, November 7, 2010

Checking in some randomness

I wanted to share our Halloween pictures so they are interspersed here.

My Angel, Jaxon

Last week was SO productive for me!  I got 4 out of 6 applications written and the other 2 have been submitted to my boss for approval.  I also finished up the company newsletter and started on a BIG application that is due at the end of the month.  But that also means a road trip to headquarters is on the agenda for Monday probably.

Neighbor Nancy

At home, Son is still being a pain and I can't wait to start therapy and get the evaluation with the psychiatrist done this week.  Son's father has also stepped up to being a pain.  I have asked for more help with Son, asked him to take Son more, and offered Thanksgiving to him even though its my holiday this year.  I have heard NOTHING from A/H.  Not even an acknowledgement that he got my emails and text messages.  Last night I sent ANOTHER email telling him that Son wants to stay with me on Thanksgiving and that I would be keeping him.  Today I get an email from A/H telling me that "that won't work.  I want him on that day.  I will be there to pick him up and 10 am, have him ready."  Are you kidding me?  Since when do I take THOSE orders from HIM?  Not since 2006!  I sent back a nice email telling him that its MY holiday and I will be exercising it.  If he shows up, I will call the police and have them explain to him about trespassing laws.  And I want to thank him for his help in parenting.  Asshole.

My Whoopie Cushion

I see a court date in my near future.

ESM - she went as a politician

Today, I am cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for The Compound.  Dad and ESM (evil stepmom) are heading out on vacation Thanksgiving week so today is the last day we will all have together before Thanksgiving.  Its going to be YUMMY!

Abby and Tina dressed for Halloween too

This week, Son goes to the Shrink (I am calling her a shrink, not for negative connotation but because its easier to spell!) for his evaluation and I will meet with the new/old therapist without Son.  She wants to talk with me to see what's going on and where we need to go.  Of course, where we need to go may change depending on what the shrink says.  I have packets of past testing and other reports ready for both professionals.

The Witch of the Neighborhood

ESM pointed out to me today that I have no life.  Gee, thanks!  She wanted to remind me that my life revolves around Son and his needs and my job.  Yes, I go out with my girlfriends once in a while but I don't go on dates or anything like that.  Well, who has time (or feels like it) to when I have to fight with Son for EVERYTHING.  SO after that little chat, I really love my life!  humph.

The Haul
Yes, someone gave Son Velveeta and Hot Dogs.
That was his favorite stop of the night.

So, that's me just checking in.  I have to go check the turkey and fold laundry!  What fun!


  1. hey good job standing up to ex...hope that quiets down...enjoy dinner today too...looking forward to some turkey sandwiches myself...

  2. You've a lot going on!! I like the whoopee cushion costume - never seen one before. Can't believe your ex, well done for sticking up for your right to Thanksgiving!

  3. BWAA HA HA!!!!!!

    Hot dogs and velveta? Way too funny.

  4. i love the whoopie cushion pic. and good job standing up to the ex

  5. Good for you for not letting your EX tell you what to do!!

  6. I can't believe he got Velveeta and hot dogs. I hope you get through this Thanksgiving thing without too much more hassle with the ex!

  7. Velveeta and hotdogs. I don't know if I can stop laughing long enough to say anything...

    I thought MY neighbors were weird! lol!

  8. btw - YEA YOU!!! Stand up to that AssHat!!


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