Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Games Have Begun

I sit here in OCMD steaming. Not because I'm in sauna but because I checked my emails. Dumb, I know but I have a child and I worry. And the machinery on the beach outside the room woke me up at 5:30 AM! Ugh. More on that later!

The ex got the court papers early this week and I have been waiting for him to start playing games to hurt me. I expected him to file with the courts to reduced the child support, increase his visitation time, take shots at my parenting skills, that kind of thing. I didn't think he would use Jakes and hurt him in his Vengeance to get back at me but A/H has now sunk to a new low.

Jakes is with him this weekend as is his normally scheduled weekend. I had made arrangements for A/H to drop Jakes off at the college on Sunday for my concert. Jakes was excited! He couldn't wait to see us sing!

I also sent A/H an email detailing the homework that Jakes has to finish up this weekend. In addition, because A/H has said in the past that he doesn't get my emails and if I don't list for him what the homework is, then Jakes doesn't have to do it, I sent him a text message asking him to check his email.

I received an email back from him stating that there was no way he could get all this homework finished AND still be able to drop Jakes off at the college at 2:30 as planned. This is from the man that said he sees no reason to medicate him because he doesn't have problems with him. If he doesn't have problems with Jakes then there's no reason that the homework shouldn't be finished in time for the concert. Right?

I have been to pissed off to respond productively to his email. There are MANY emails that I have written in my head but they would only serve to piss him off further and since he has my child, I don't want to make things worse for Jakes at the moment.

When I get home this afternoon, hopefully I will be able to send one that is unemotional but still put a zinger in there that he is hurting Jakes more than me. Which would be a lie. I am very hurt. But he doesn't need to know that he still has that power over me.

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UPDATE:  I did respond very nicely, almost thanking him for caring about Jakes homework.  He responded that if Jakes got the stuff done, he would drop him off early.  And I thought we would leave it at that. NOPE.  Someone got frustrated with Jakes and took it out on me.

I was told by A/H that I MUST make sure that Jakes packs his school books or that I MUST provide him with the correct login information so they can access the book that way.  WELL!  Ok, I did give him the wrong username in this weekends email.  When I got home, I sent him the corrected version and also suggested that he check a previous email in which I had sent him the information.  He then had the audacity to suggest that this would not have happened if I had been home when he picked up Jakes.  HA!  Little does he know that I have NO control over the child.  I have been trying to tell him this!  And he's going to try and make me feel guilty that I was away for the night?!  Didn't work.  Jakes was in good hands, the same hands he is in after school EVERY DAY!

I think A/H was experiencing a little bit of the struggles and frustration that I go through on a daily basis.  Serves him right!


  1. I love how this tool bag can't hang for a fraction of the time you spend handling every damn thing.

    Give him more maybe he will see the light.

  2. Amy, I feel for you sister! Your frustrations are BIG but I am very impressed that you take a HUGE, GASPING moment and WAIT to respond. GOOD FOR YOU! Despite the fact that you WANT to rip him up and down...YOU are behaving in an adult manner. Kudos!

  3. It does serve him right. He definately should see what you go through all the time.

  4. I hate dealing with a-holes!
    My ex finally drop off the face of the earth...

  5. It's a good thing. He may never admit it, but you know. Good enough. For this decade.

  6. Tough. Hope you managed to enjoy your weekend despite this.


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