Friday, January 28, 2011


It was AWESOME! Says Jakes as we left the ballroom.  He was bouncing around with excitement.  The Bon Jovi concert was over but still so fresh in our memories.

Last night was Jakes first concert ever and I was able to get tickets to his favorite artist for his 12th birthday.  After standing outside in the cold, wet, icy parking lot to be let in, we warmed up, found a GREAT spot to watch from and waited for Jon Bon Jovi and his friends to enthall us for the evening.  I'll share some pictures with you.

Check out how CLOSE we were to the stage.  And Jakes had the BEST view!

Isn't he HOT! 
This was Jakes view ALL night. 
I zoomed WAY in, sorry for blurry

sigh.  Can't say anything else.
Jon invited some of his friends to sing with him.  I didn't recognize any of them and rumor had it that they were local semi-pros.  They were all good and it was a great show.

Son thought it was the BEST birthday EVER!

Jakes having a GRAND time!

Here's a little snippet of my favorite Bon Jovi song.

Now, I have to get back to work.  TGIF!


  1. nice. know you had a great time! just watched him unplugged the other day on tv.

  2. OH....MY....GOD!!!!This would indeed be an AWESOME birthday present. This man gets better looking every year.......and his smile is the BEST!!! I'm SURE Jakes won't forget this birthday! Happy Birthday Jakes!!!!!

  3. I'm surprised he stood still for 30 seconds. Is he slowing down? He used to bounce all over the stage.

  4. So glad you both had an awesome time!!


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