Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Check In

What kind of blogger am I that doesn't blog everyday?  phft. Not a very good one.  So I am probably  going to take a break from blogging and recharge.  I do have a couple of posts banging around in my head and maybe I will be able to get them out of there over the weekend. 

But first a quick update!

Took Jakes to the Ear Specialist today.  He had an ear infection over Christmas and then there was swelling and yucky stuff around the tube.  Only in his right ear, which has always been the difficult ear.  So after 2.5 weeks of ear drops, there is still inflammation and the Dr wants to take the tube out.  He thinks the tube is causing the inflammation and irritation.  But on the plus side, Jakes is old enough that his ears should be grown into position so that everything drains as it should and we won't have infections or a need for tubes.  HOPE.

My Job.  Still haven't been paid and we are coming up on the close of another pay period.  And there is no word as to when we might get paid.  They are offering lay-off to anyone who wants to take one but you might not get hired back into the same position if at all.  So while I am pissed off at the treatment of the staff and would love to find a way to leave the company, I am afraid.  I checked my numbers for the amount of unemployment I can get and I can pay my bills on that.  I would then know that I will have an income coming every two weeks.  I also still have a savings account to pull from and then replace when I actually get paid from the company.   I don't know what to do.  So for now, I'm not doing anything.  I will give them until Monday and if there is still no word on the paychecks past or future, I will ask for the lay off.

The other thing is that I don't know if they will allow me to be laid off.  I am the only one doing my job and the only one trained to do my job.  I am the grant writer.  If I don't work, they don't get money coming in.  So, while I may ask for a lay off, it may be denied.  We'll see.

Jakes father is still being an ass.  I sent him an email with instructions for Jakes meds over the weekend and he is freaking out over giving it to him.  sigh.  I will explain to him the need once again, quoting the courts and the therapist and hope that he gives it to Jakes.

My dad had surgery last week (I completely glossed over it cause I was in court and I WON!).  He had a bump on his arm that the Dr thinks is cancerous.  If so, that will make 3 different kinds of cancer he has had.  He made it through surgery just fine.  I was more worried about the effects of the anesthesia on his heart than about the actual surgery.    But he was fine and is healing fine as well.  We'll find out the results of the biopsy next week when he gets the stitches out.

Well, that's my check in.  How're things on your end?


  1. I can't believe you haven't been paid in so long - hope it gets sorted soon! And hope your dad recovers from his surgery well. And go ahead, take a wee break! With what you've been through the last wee while, goodness knows you deserve it! :o)

  2. Wow! You have had a lot going on!
    I, too, cannot believe the pay situation. Glad to hear you have been smart enough to save.
    Hope the medical stuff your son and dad gets better...

  3. The economy and job market are so tough right now, that's not an easy decision. Good luck. The best thing would be to find another job while you still have this one, if you can swing it.

    I took a break from blogging, too, but am back to posting daily. It's YOUR blog. You post as often or as infrequently as is appropriate for you.

  4. still not paid? what? dont know how long i would let that go on...hope all are well soon from the medical stuff...and enjoy the break...

  5. Oh, yeah...if you haven't been paid I think you automatically qualify for unemployment. Call the local workforce office and check into that.

  6. The employment situation is making me so nervous for you!


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