Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Things To Think About..................

Everyday there are things that you have to think about. What blouse to wear to work, what to make for lunch, or how much to medicate your child.

Getting the medication in place for Jakes has been a fight and a long time coming. The Dr and I both think we have found a good medication for Jakes. It works to help with his concentration and most of his impulse control problems. But then there is his MOUTH. Not the part of his mouth that needs braces but the mouthy mouth that plucks my last nerve which hasn’t healed yet.

Since starting the ADHD medicine, Jakes has been grumpy with everyone and his mouth is over the top. It may not always be the words, but his tone. He is surly, growly and sometimes just plain MEAN when he responds to anyone. He got smart with Ms. Kathy the other day. UNACCEPTABLE!  When I talk to him about his tone, he denies it. He doesn’t think that he is talking differently.

In talking with the Dr this week about the medication, I mentioned this and we discussed whether it could be the medication or if its just his age and the fabulous hormones kicking in. Dr is recommending another medication for us to try. It’s a non-stimulant and if he’s having issues with the Concerta, this medication should help his mouth.

My problem that I am pondering is: Do I want ANOTHER medication for my child?  I fought for years to keep him off of medication, until it became my last resort.  Since Jakes has only been on the medication for about 2 months, do I take the easy way out and give him another medication?  Or do I try and work with him on his mouthy-mouth to see if we can make improvements without another medication?

I mean, I haven't even tried other than to talk with him.  I haven't set a period of time for us where I bring to his attention his attitude and help him to find other ways of responding.  I haven't talked with our therapist about it to get her take on the situation.

I guess since I have paused to think about this is because I really am not comfortable with giving him another medication to possibly counteract the medication that is working.  If this doesn't help with mouthy-mouth, what is next?  A different medication?  Where does it stop?

I guess I will be discussing this with the therapist and pondering it more by myself.


  1. I would be leary of giving another medication as well. Did the mouthy problems start when he started the adhd meds? You said he was grumpy since begining the medication. Have you heard that the meds he is on can cause heart problems? And other problems as well,I have a nephew who has been on one of the adhd drugs,and now his heart is working at 60 percent capicity.Not trying to scare you, but you can look up these meds on the internet. Blessings jane

  2. work with him you have an in home that works with him at all? or a mentor? i do in home and they can help you have these convos...

  3. Try the non-medicinal methods for a while and then decide. If it doesn't work, then perhaps medicine will be the answer.

  4. Hormones have a lot to do with the Mouthy situation. Whatever you decide, you will be doing what you feel is the best for your child.

  5. I think you should wait on the meds and try to see if you can work with him on his mouth. I would be very firm with him that it is not the type of behavior that you want from him. Kids often test us. I know mine did! It's so very hard to know what to do. There were many days I wanted to pull my hair out! Good luck!


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