Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why I Do It Alone

A big source of frustration in my life is my ex. Jakes is another source but that's another story.

Summer is coming and so is Jakes vacation time with his dad. I sent an email asking JF what weeks he wanted Jakes. I also sent him the summer camp schedule so he would know what weeks summer camp doesn't run in June and August. In the past we have each taken vacation time so cover those weeks.

This year, after nagging JF for his answer, he has picked three weeks DURING summer camp. None of those chosen weeks help to cover the time when summer camp is not in session. Grrrrrrr

Trying to be nice and see how "supportive" he was going to be since talking to the case manager, I texted him explaining my concerns and asking if he could change weeks.

He said no. I said f-off. Not really, I was a little nicer about it. This is just another example of why I do not involve him any more than I have to in the scheduling and care of our son.  I just get more frustrated than if I were to do it alone.

Bottom line - does anyone want to babysit my kid for one week in June and one week in August?


  1. Men suck! Not really, but some do and your ex is one.

  2. ugh. wish we were closer or i'd help out....


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