Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Are Dandelions Weeds or Flowers?

Most people think of dandelions as weeds and do everything they can to rid their yards of them in the springtime.  But if you were to drive by a field covered in a sea of yellow dandelions waving in the summer breeze, wouldn't you think this is beautiful?  I know I would.  And it would all be a matter of perspective.

Sometimes we allow other people to determine what we see as weeds and what we see as flowers.  I know that I have a propensity to see weeds in everything, I see parts of my life as such struggle.  But there are others in my life that see me as an amazing woman to be able to do such wonderful things with my life.

I tend to see my struggles with my AS, ADHD tween as a huge struggle and view all most some of my actions and reactions with him as near failure. (weeds) I compare my mothering skills with my memories of my mother (who was a saint in my memories!) and see so much lacking in my skills.  I consider that Jakes and I need so much outside help a failure.

My BFF's, Neicy and Kimber, see ME as Wonder Woman.  As the ultimate mother who does such amazing things with her child.  Things that they cannot imagine having to do and believe they wouldn't be able to do.  (Flowers)

To me - its just another day in my life. 

I have been trying to change my way of thinking about my struggles with Jakes and our life.  I have been trying to concentrate on the good things.  Like his being all hug-y and hanging on me before he left for vacation with his father.  I think he was missing me before he even left.

My life should be filled with dandelions and other flowers.  I AM an amazing person, mother, daughter, friend, sister.  I am Wonder Woman. 

Now where's my golden tiara?


  1. I guess it really is the way we choose to view things, isn't it? So wear that tiara, mama!

  2. smiles. perspective is huge...you are a warrior mom...and dandelions are the prettiest weed i know...smiles.

  3. They do kind of look like weeds don't they?


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