Friday, August 26, 2011


This storm is freaking me out.  Its the first time in all my life we've been advised to evacuate.  Dad's not going but then he's on the second floor.  They are predicting 4-7 foot storm surge in the Delaware Bay and I live on the Delaware River. With a Marsh on the other side. 

The Marsh is what always floods.  It flooded yesterday at high tide from all the storms and rain.

I don't know what to do.  Stay or Go? And if I go, then I have to find somewhere that takes animals.  And mouthy tweens.  That might be harder to find.

If I go, what do I take?  How do I protect what I don't take?  I don't like to have to make these decisions!

I'm off to charge my iPad, iPhone and eReader.  I have to help Dad batten down his decks and the rest of the yard and then at low tide, make some sand bags just in case.  I am cooking up a storm (not literally!) so I have food to eat if we loose power.  The cooler is washed and ready to go, there is a bag of ice in the freezer.  I've started collecting containers of water for drinking and I expect there will be plenty of water outside to dip a bucket into for flushing of the toilet.  I have candles and batteries.  I have the animal cages ready to go, if necessary.

I am considering putting my car at a friends house, just to be safe.  But what if I need to leave.... 

Anyway, I hope and pray that everyone else in the path of Irene stays safe!

UPDATE:  We decided to leave after the township ordered an evacuation of my road, plus others.  I will be taking the Dog, the Cat and my friend from AZ with me.  I'm gathering up pictures and important papers and packing the kid off to his Dad's for the weekend.  We will be safe and I'll check in as soon as I can!


  1. go, take the things you could not live without...better to be safe than can replace things...but not you...

  2. Go, don't stay. If they say you should, heed the advice and be safe. Always better to be safer than sorry. Pack p photo's important papers and the animals and Jakes and head out.

    Keep in touch let me know you're ok! As insane as this sounds I wish I still lived in Philly, as scary as these things are, they are kinda exciting!

  3. I have been through several hurricanes. Several.

    If they are saying go, you need to go.

    You need to move anything off the ground floor that you dont want to see wet, if you are in a flood zone.

    You need to relocate important documents and things. Don't necissarily rely on upper level to be secure though. Strong winds can take a roof off like it's nothing. I'm not kidding, I've watched it happen.

    We road out Hurricane Dennis (Catagory 3) becuase the hubs is in the tree industry, he was out with his chainsaw minutes after the worst passed.

    Life with no power for days at a time in August is no joke.

    I'd see if JF can take your son and you take your critters and shag ass.

    This is a better safe than sorry situation and the clean up after one of these things is a bitch.

    Keep us posted, you've got my email.

    be safe my friend

  4. We're inland so we don't have the water surges, but it's nasty where I live. I'm up in Ohio for the weekend so I'm totally removed from the storm. I'm glad you evacuated!

  5. I wish I had read this before you had to leave. Animal shelters at your destination will usually keep your pets if you must stay in a shelter. If you can afford a hotel, Motel 6 and most La Quinta's accept pets. Stay safe. Let us know you're ok, please.


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