Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Animals in My Home

Last month, I introduced Shadow to the Nest.  He's settled in very nicely.  Shadow is still a lovebug and gets along very well with Jaxon.  They run back and forth chasing each other.  Shadow even plays ball with Jaxon.

Play Ball

Shadow loves to snuggle up with me at night.  I have to scratch him all over, even his belly, then when he's ready to fall asleep, he puts his paw in my hand and I have to hold his paw while he drifts off.  Too cute!

Shadow Chillin'

The Vet says that he is about 2 yrs old and needs to be fixed.  We'll get to that.  He has a scratch on his cornea that needs eye drops but he's so good about letting us put them in.  When the vet prescribed the drops he hinted that it would be hard to put them in.  Shadow jumps on my bed and lays down.  He doesn't like having them put in, but he doesn't fight me or Jakes to put them in.  Of course, he knows that he'll get lots of scratches and loving while we're doing it. 

Really Mom?  Get outta my face

Kitters seems to have accepted Shadow.  They can at least be in the same room together without hissing and growling.  Saylors on the other hand is still complaining to him when she sees him.  She is what I call my high maintenance kitty and took longer to warm up to Jaxon.  I know she will eventually.

My ball!

Overall, I'm thrilled with having Shadow added to the family.  He's been a good addition.


  1. nice...glad shadow is working out...our new kitten is a barrel of fun and loves snuggles as well...

  2. I'm glad Shadow has been welcomed by mostly everybody so far. He seems like a nice kitty!


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