Friday, September 16, 2011


In the past few weeks, the East Coast has experienced some pretty freaky weather and other natural disturbances.  We shook and swayed through the earthquake that was centered in Virginia.  We've endured inches beyond inches of rain, either from storms or hurricanes.

My little neck of the woods was largely spared by Hurricane Irene.  Since I live on the river with a tidal marsh directly behind my house, we expected to have lots of flooding.  Fortunately, we didn't during the storm.  Our flooding came after the storm was done.  After all the little rivers, creeks and marshes had drained their excess waters into my river, which then flooded our little marsh. 

We didn't suffer any damages from this flooding but we were invaded.  Now, I've reported before all the creaures we have around here, the crabs, the fish, the bugs, the baby eels.

Just get on with it, what were you invaded by!

Mud Crabs by the HUNDREDS!  We hear them before we saw them.  They were skitttering along the curb and all over the road.  We think they came out of the marsh because the tides were so high.  They came up with the water, then got "stuck" on dry land or in the road.  They knew which way to run to get back to the water.  That's what the skittering sounds were, them running for the marsh.

By the time ESM got out there with her camera, we had chased most of them back into the marsh.  They came visiting at the high tides for three days.  Then the tides started staying at the normal levels and we haven't seen them in the road since.  Pretty freaky of Mother Nature.  Here's some pictures:

There are three in this picture
Some of them had one big claw while others had 2 smaller claws
The big claw could be on the left ot the right.

My what a big claw you have!

Skitter on back to where you came from

Jakes spent lots of time outside just after high tide for several days checking on the crabs.  And to be honest, I hope they stay far, far away!


  1. They look like angry lil bastards. Watch your toes!

  2. wow. that def is freaky...the end of the world is coming...smiles.

  3. Well, so glad you did not have damages or flooding. The creatures are a bit creepy! They can look gruesome! Glad Jakes enjoyed them...SOMEONE needs to...:)

  4. Wow I have never heard of this!


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