Monday, October 24, 2011

Flip-A-B*tch, VA and The Ring

Neicy and I are probably the best traveling partners ever.  We each have skills and needs that compliment the other.  When we traveled to Hawaii together, it was The Best vacation I've ever had.  It was relaxing but we were still on the go everyday, enjoying the sights and being in Hawaii.  When Neicy and I travel together, we LOVE to eat yummy, local food places.

When we decide we're going somewhere together, I usually make the travel arrangements, such as plane and hotel stuff.  Neicy will check out the local food scene.    Our recent trip to TN was kind of a last minute decision to go.  One that I will never regret doing and I wouldn't have been anywhere else but by her side!  Love ya, Neicy!

Once we definitely decided to go to TN, I started looking for hotels.  I didn't have to worry about how we were getting there, we had an address and a GPS for that. Neicy started looking for places to eat.  We figured we'd eat at fast food places on the drive but figured we'd have a couple of nights in TN to have good food. 

On the drive down, we stopped in Virginia, just off I-66 for lunch.  It was a local grille place that had yummy sandwiches.  Lunch finished and facilities used, we hit the road again.  The weather cleared up, traffic thinned and it was a lovely drive.  All of a sudden, Neicy gasped.  She realized that she had left her Tiffany ring in the bathroom where we had lunch!  YIKES!

I grabbed my cell phone and got the phone number for the place, called them and they HAD THE RING!  Woo ho!  Neicy immediately Flipped-A-B*tch.

Do you know what that is?  A big ole U-turn.  Usually, when Neicy and I are out and I'm driving, we have to do several of them!  I am a driver that follows my patterns and if we try to deviate from them, we have to Flip-A-B*tch.  Its become a joke between us.

Of course, the one in Virginia was the biggest we'd ever had to do. We were over an hour from the lunch stop.  But it was a Tiffany Ring and they had it.  We were going BACK.

I was VERY amused by this situation.  And once she knew the ring was safe, Neicy was too.  I also have a LOT of free Flip-A-B*tches coming my way!

End of story, we got the ring, got to use the facilities again, got lots of giggles, and got to TN about 3 hours later than planned.


  1. I love that ring. I've seen that in the catolog...gorgeous and simple.

  2. I can't believe how lucky she is that they had that ring! I've never heard the term before, but I like it!

  3. whew...glad you found the you are a hoot together in the car...

  4. You just took me BACK

    Back in the golden days of high school, the game was to randomly yell flip a bitch and the driver was to do so unwisely and immediately.

    Stupid teen shit.

    Great road trip

  5. Never heard of flipping a bitch? lol


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