Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Theatre, The Theatre

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One day Jesse came home from school to find her mom listening to her Walkman. When Jesse asked her what she was listening to, mom handed the headphones over. Mom started the tape from the beginning and it was a guy holding an auction. As the script progressed a man started singing softly...... "a collectors piece, indeed... Every detail exactly as it was....". When he finished singing the auctioneer came on again. "lot 666.... A chandelier in pieces. Said to be the cause of The Disaster."

And the music exploded in jesse's ears. It was Phantom of the Opera and from that day on Jesse was hooked.

Jesse and her mom had already been to see the play Cats and were making plans to see Les Miserables. Since Jesse and Jon were involved in theatre at school, Jesse shared her interests and opportunities to see the plays with him. They went with jesses mom and her friend to see a couple of shows and really enjoyed them.

Together, Jesse and Jon agreed that while Cats was a wonderful play their ultimate favorite was Les Miserables. But that could be because Jesse saw it on broadway in New York City.

For jesse's high school graduation her parents gave her tickets to see phantom on broadway. By then Jesse and Jon had broken up but her mom still included him in the invite to go to NYC. Jesse, her brother Mike and Jon ended up driving to NYC while her mother and her best friend took the train to the city. It was a long uncomfortable car ride for Jesse. Not only was she still uncomfortable around Jon but Kyle had given her a hard time for going with them instead of taking the train with her mother.

But they arrived in the city, did a little exploring and saw phantom. They had wonderful seats, orchestra center about 10 rows back from the stage. When the chandelier fell, Jesse actually ducked!

That was the last play Jesse and Jon attended together. Jesse and her mom went to several more and had made plans to go see another one when her mom got sick.

After her mom passed, Jesse was busy with a newborn, a lost father and a failing marriage. Not to mention, Kyle didn't like the Broadway musicals. He only one she knew who did was Jon. And that was impossible right now.

Years later, after the newborn was a teenager, the father was happily remarried, and the divorce was finalized, Jesse and Jon found each other again. They became friends again, remembering good times and bad. Jon said he really missed going to plays and the theatre. Jesse told him she hadn't been to one since her mother passed.

Jesse had a chance to go to NYC and see the play Wicked. It was an amazing trip with her Best friend, Kate. They explored the city, had yummy food and saw the play. While sitting in the theatre waiting for the show to start, Jesse really missed her mother. She even shed a few tears thinking how much her mother would have enjoyed the show. Jesse also thought how much she missed Jon sitting beside her.

Maybe in the future they'd have the opportunity to go to NYC and see a show together......


  1. nice...looking forward to the continuation of this do you have to live it to write it? smiles.

  2. You never could happen!


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