Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tunes from the Crypt

Friday night was a busy time for us.  Jakes and I went to riding lessons, then headed back to our little town for Tunes from the Crypt.  A wonderful artist comes to a historic church every year and plays different Spooky tunes for Halloween.  After the Tunes, there is a Ghost Tour of the historic district.  Some of the stories are really and some are exaggrated.

ESM and I always dress up for this event.  Usually she is in charge of taking pictures as she works for the tourism department of the county.  This year, she was able to just dress up and enjoy the evening.  I took some pictures of the evening........

It was a packed church for the Tunes
There were some "different" people in the audience.

Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey and PinHead

Jakes went as a Moody Teen.


  1. That pinhead is CREEPY! I like Sock Monkey though. Glad you went and had a fun time!

  2. haha...nice pinhead in church...lol...love me some sock monkey though....

  3. Super COOL costumes! And Jakes... just like every other teen that way!!!!


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