Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Adventures for the Parents

I have started a new adventure in my life.  Selling Scentsy!  Its fun, its smells yummy and it will get me out of the house!  At my first party, I made money and had fun.  Keep it coming!

My parents are going starting a new adventure too.  They bought this:

The Thing
When they started looking, they had certain criteria that HAD to be met.  There had to be a shower/tub.

It also had to have enough room for them to play Wii Bowling.

The living room slides out, giving enough room for bowling

They are planning a couple of local trips and will probably end up at the shore for a week.  I imagine once ESM retires next year, they will take some longer trips.  They are super excited and working hard to furnish it with their stuff.  I know they will enjoy it!


  1. oh wow...i wanna do that one say....cery cool

  2. They need room for wii bowling, lol! I watched a House Hunters the other night that was about the couple buying a new camping bus.

    We talked about renting an rv to drive to Seattle, but the cost to rent was crazy! Not to mention how much it'd cost in gas. Maybe when I'm older I'd like it more (I always liked camping as a kid), but I think a beachfront condo would be even better!


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