Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Time is Flying

Did you know there is life outside of a computer?  For a long time, I didn't!  And that's when I blogged everyday and read SO many wonderful bloggers.  I just don't have the organizational skills to be able to work full-time, enjoy life outside of the computer AND blog.  WOW, who knew?

Anyway, a quick update.....

Jakes is doing well.  He got a VERY good report card AND was outlining things he's going to do to improve those grades as well.  I checked with him to see if the things he's struggling with should be addressed with the child study team or if its just things he has to work on himself.  He thinks its just him and he wants to work on it on his own.  Good deal!  He knows to let me or his dad know if there is a need to involve the CST.  I am so proud that he's taking the initiative to work on things without me or his dad having to fight with him over it.

The Scentsy business is going well also!  I got a promotion!  And have had several very successful parties!  I just closed out a basket party yesterday.  It was so much fun!

There are lots of new products out, like the Layers Fragrance line.  There are wonderful bath and shower products as well a lotions and body butters.  Even products to help with your laundry smell nice!  In May there will be a completely NEW line of products that I am going to be TOTALLY addicted to!  YUM!  I can't wait to get my new products to see what its all about!

Jakes told me that his father is getting remarried at the end of April.  I kinda created a little drama for myself over that news.  Not that I want him back in ANY WAY EVER.  I am a guess the best way to put it is, disappointed in myself because I haven't moved on.   I feel as though he's "won" the break-up because he has been in a relationship with this woman for quite a time now and has moved on enough to be ready to marry her.  Me?  I haven't really had a relationship since the break up and still live with my parents (sort of).  For many years after the break-up, I played the victim and then devoted myself to Jakes and his issues.  What do I have to show for it?  Nothing.  A child who doesn't live with me and a good friendship with AZ.

Dad and ESM are heading to Harpers Ferry this weekend.  Its looking like lovely weather for the trip.  I know they will have fun!  In May, they will be taking the camper and Kathy to FL for a visit with Kathy's daughter.  Mel (another compound resident) and I both said "PARTY!" when we heard they were leaving.  HA!  Kathy wasn't as amused.

AZ has been fishing and job hunting.  Not much luck for either.  I was SO hoping for fish for dinner last night.  sigh.  Had to settle for steak instead.  AZ cooked dinner and cleaned up!  WOW!  I could get used to being spoiled like that!

Neicy and I went for a bike ride yesterday instead of a run.  We both commented how easy riding the bikes seemed to be.  Of course, because we have conditioned ourselves with training for the 5k.  We were talking about running and on the opposite days riding the bikes, just to be doing something each day of the week.  We'll see how that works out with life intruding.

Well, that's the quick update.  Time to write the grants.  Need Money!


  1. harpers ferry...not too far from me...

    ((hugs)) on the news of the father...life will happen...as you are already showing with all your life outside of the computer...smiles..

    glad to hear the report card was ok and on planning ways to improve...

  2. Yay for Jakes! It's great the he's taking the initiative to say he can handle it. Thumbs up!

    I remember how I felt when I found out my first love and really my first true boyfriend was getting married, it stung even though I was happy for him. I know your situation is different, but go easy on yourself. Now is the time to find that for yourself!

    Bikes and running? You guys are kicking my (lazy!) butt!

  3. It took me a while but I finally found my life outside of the computer!

    I'm glad Jakes had a good report card.

  4. good things. for the most part. i like that.

    i hope you can shake that its a contest feeling. but since i likely would feel the same way and not be able to not feel that way i stand by your feelings. and since you're a fundamentally better human being, you are still totally the winner.


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